You are currently viewing 10th English Unit 6. Supplementary The Little Hero of Holland Book Answers

10th English Unit 6. Supplementary The Little Hero of Holland Book Answers

10th English Unit 6. Supplementary The Little Hero of Holland Book Answers

10th Standard English Unit 6. Supplementary The Little Hero of Holland Book Answers. 10th English Unit 6. Supplementary The Little Hero of Holland Book Answers Solutions Guide Pdf Prose Chapter 6 Supplementary Guide Tamil Nadu State Board New Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations. 10th All Subject Book Back Answers.

10th Standard English Book Answers | Unit 6.3 – The Little Hero of Holland



dikes (n) an embankment for controlling or holding back the waters of the sea or a river. கடல் நீரை அல்லது நதி நீரைக் கட்டுப்படுத்தும் ஓர் அணைக்கட்டு
sluices (n) a sliding gate or other device for controlling the flow of water, especially one in a lock gate. நீர் ஒழுகுவதைக் கட்டுப்படுத்தும் ஓர் கதவு மதகு
trickling (v) flowing in a small stream (a liquid) கசிந்தோடுதல்
numb (adj.) deprived of the power of sensation. மரமரத்து, உணர்ச்சியற்ற
chattered (v) feeling cold and frightened that one can’t stop the upper teeth from against ones lower teeth. குளிரினால், பயத்தினால் பல் உதறல்
crouching (v) adopting a position where the knees are bent and the upper body is brought forward and down. முட்டி மடக்கி குனிந்து பதுங்குதல்
groan (v) make a deep inarticulate sound conveying pain வலியினால் முனங்குவது
shovels (n) tool resembling a spade with a broad blade and typically upturned side, used for moving earth, coal, snow etc. மணல், நிலக்கரி இவற்றை எடுக்கப் பயன்படுதப்படுகின்ற மண்வெட்டி போன்ற அகன்ற கருவி


A. Based on the understanding of the story, complete the Graphic Organiser suitably.

Title :-


Setting :-

The rainy season ready to damage the dike in Holland

Characters :-

Peter, His father, mother; his friend the blind man; A worker; people

Theme :-

Patriotism; love for fellow beings

Plot 1 :-

Peter’s mother asking him to go to the blind man

Plot 2 :-

Peter’s hearing of the trickling water in the Dike.

Plot 3 :-

Peter’s decision to put his finger in the hole

Climax 1 :-

Peter stayed there at night, keeping the sea out off the reach of the land.

Climax 2 :-

In the morning, a man sees a boy groaning.

Climax 3 :-

The man’s enquiry and his alert to the people.

Values highlighted in the story :-

  1. ___________ presence of mind.
  2. Brave Decision
  3. Timely Action


B. Based on the understanding of the story answer the following questions in one or two sentences:

1. What are the little children of Holland aware of?

  • The little children are aware that even a small leak in the dike will cause an irreparable damage to the land and the people.

2. What was the work assigned to Peter’s father?

  • Peter’s father was assigned the task of tending the gates or sluices.

3. Why did Peter’s mother call him?

  • Peter’s mother called him to give cake to his friend, the blind man.

4. How did Peter spend his time with his blind friend?

  • He talked with him about the sun, the flowers, the ships far out at sea and his walk along the dike.

5. Why did the father always say angry water’s?

  • If there was heavy flood, the result would be dangerous to the people and the land. So the father always said ‘angry waters’

6. What did Peter see when he stopped near the dikes?

  • First, he heard the sound of trickling water and then he saw a small hole in the dike.

7. What were the thoughts of the mother when Peter didn’t return home?

  • His mother thought that Peter was spending the night with his friend, the blind man.

8. How did Peter spend his night at the dikes?

  • Peter spent his night with his finger in the hole, shivering with cold, arm ached and it grew stiff and numb.

9. Who found Peter in the dikes and what did he do?

  • Early next morning; a man going to work, heard a groan and saw Peter in the dikes with his finger in the small hole. Immediately, he informed the dangerous situation to the people of that area.

10. How did the villagers mend the hole?

  • The villagers came with shovels and the hole was soon mended.


C. Based on your understanding of the story answer the following question in about 100-150 words.

Narrate in your own words the circumstances that led Peter to be a brave little hero.

Holland is the country where the lands mostly lie below sea level. So there are dikes to keep the water not entering into the lands, Even the small children know the importance of the dikes.

Peter, a boy of eight, lived with his father who tended the gates of the dike with his mother ton, He used to visit his friend, a blind man, on the other side of the dike.

Once on such a visit to his friend, on his return to his house, he heard the sound of water trickling down. He saw a hole in the dike. Immediately he put his finger into the hale to stop the flow of water, AL night, nobody came to help him. The next morning. man who came for work saw Peter crouching beside the dike with his finger on the hole. He understood the situation and raised an alarm. Then the people came and mended the hole in the dike.


D. Identify the character/speaker:

  1. “I want you to go across the dike and take these cakes to your friend, the blind man.”
  • Peter’s mother
  1. “I am glad they are so strong”.
  • Peter
  1. “Holland shall not be drowned while I am here.”
  • Peter
  1. “What’s the matter?” he called. “Are you hurt?”
  • A man going to work
  1. “Tell them to come quickly!”
  • Peter

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