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11th English Guide Lesson 3 Supplementary The First Patient

11th English Guide Lesson 3 Supplementary The First Patient

11th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 3 The First Patient

11th English Guide Lesson 3 Supplementary The First Patient Book Back Answers. 11th Standard Samacheer kalvi guide English All Unit Book Back Question and answers. 11th TN Text Book Download PDF All Subject. Class 11 English Book Back and additional question and answers. 11th Free Online Test


Warm Up

Given below is a list of tools and equipment. Associate them with the relevant field and complete the table.

Plough, hammer, oven thermometer, volt meter, wood chisel, seed drill, voltage detector, cutting boards, stone picker, digital kitchen scale, cultivator, nail puller, wire strippers, framing square, fork, flashlight

Farmer Carpenter           Electrician            Chef

plough  hammer                              










seed drill


volt meter

cutting boards



voltage detector


stone picker

framing square

nail puller/flashlight


11th English The First Patient Textual Questions

1. Complete the summary of the play, choosing the appropriate words from the list given below the passage.

(hammer, patient, hacksaw, cabinet, frightened, queue, worried, waiting room, pliers,tooth, photographs, clinic, toothache, sawing, appointment)

A number of patients wait at the (1) _________ of a dentist’s clinic. Every body is tensed at the thought of a painful (2) _________ being extracted. One of the women is bent on showing everyone her (3) _________ After the arrival of the dentist, Joe, the first (4) _________ is called in. Some time later, the nurse comes out and goes in with a (5) _________ Every one is (6) _________ at this, imagining Joe being subjected to a lot of hammering in the process (7) _________ of his and later on she takes in a (8) _________ A little boy confesses that he pretended to have because he did not wish to go to school. The loud (10) _________ and screeching from within the room makes everyone leave the (11) _________ , one by one. Finally there are only two women in the waiting room, one of them being Joe’s wife. She weeps (12) _________ about her husband. But Joe comes out and explains that he had shifted his (13) _________ to the evening and had been given some pills for the pain. After they leave, the dentist comes out and locates the key of his tool (14) _________ He had been hying to open it using the hammer, the pliers and the hacksaw only in vain. The woman with the photographs is surprised to see that the (15) _________ had moved quickly and she was the next patient to go in.


  1. Waiting room
  2. tooth
  3. photographs
  4. patient
  5. hammer
  6. frightened
  7. pliers
  8. hacksaw
  9. tooth ache
  10. sawing
  11. clinic
  12. worried
  13. appointment
  14. cabinet
  15. queue

2. Based on your understanding of the play, complete the Graphic Organiser (GO) suitably.


3. Based on your understanding of the play, answer the following questions in about three or four sentences each.


(a) Who were the patients waiting for?


  • The patients were waiting for the arrival of the dentist. They were issued token. The Doctor would see the patients one by one.

(b) How did Woman 5 spend her time in the waiting hall?


  • Woman 5 spent her time by showing her photos to some of the patients. She went on describing the place when the photo was taken. She explained the persons found in the photos and about their qualities and frailities.

(c) How did the other Women react to Woman 5?


  • Woman 6 looks at the photos when woman 5 keeps explaining the location and incidents connected to that woman’s photo and looks at them without interest. Woman 1 could not look at the photos as she was worried about her husband Joe.

(d) Are children afraid of visiting the dentist? Give reasons.


  • Yes, children are afraid of visiting the dentist. This is evident from the screams of the little girl Maurice and the confession of the little boy that he had no tooth ache. He was willing to go back to school. He had told a lie to bunk the school that day.

(e) What were the strange instruments the nurse carried to the surgery? How did the waiting patients interpret her act?


  • The nurse carried pliers, hammer and hacksaw to the Dentists’s room. The patients thought the dentist was using those tools to extract bad tooth from patient one. Lady 1 couldn’t resist going to the surgical room as to know what was exactly happening to Joe who was the first patient. Woman restrained her all the time. Unable to bear the groans, two men left the waiting room. They were getting late for work.

(f) Bring out the people’s reaction to the noises from the surgery.


  • The men who disliked the moan from inside the surgical room of the dentist made different interpretation. One man claimed that he would ask for gas to dull the pain of tooth extraction. But another man alarmed him saying he knew some one who never recovered from the effect of gas. Two men left the waiting room because it was getting late for their offices. The first patient’s wife was very upset. She cried and tried to go to the surgical room to see if her husband Joe was okay.

(g) Why did they sympathize with the first patient?


  • The first patient was seated inside the surgical room of the dentist for a long time. His devoted wife was anxiously waiting out for a long time. Whenever a noisy groan escaped the dentist’s surgical room,she cried. She wanted to rush to the room but was often restrained by the second person. Every adult who watched the lady in distress sympathized with her.

(h) Why did Woman 1 panic more than the others?


  • Woman 1 panicked more than the rest of the visitors because her husband Joe was the first male patient of the day. He was with the dentist. The groans emerging from the surgical room really panicked her more than others. The large carpentry tools being taken to the surgical room annoyed her.

(i) Woman 5 was not aware of what was happening. Why?


  • Women 5 was busy showing her family album of photos: She was describing each photo with woman 6 who pathetically listened to her. So, she was not aware of what was happening.

(j) How did Woman 5 move ahead in the w aiting list of patients?


  • Man 6 and man 5 left the clinic as it was late for work. Man 2 and 3 left the clinic unable to stand the howling of Dorothea. Women 3, 4 and 6 left seeing tools like pliers being taken into the surgical room. Man 7 who was very heroic and stoical about the pain on a dentist’s chair also left. Then women 2 and 7 also left. Now only woman 1 was left who was waiting for Joe. When woman 5 started looking for an amusing photograph, Joe came out. As all had left, woman 5 was told to go into the dentist’s room.

(k) Why do patients leave the clinic without meeting the dentist?


  • Some of them couldn’t wait as they had to rush to work. Some were upset by Dorothea’s howling. Some were scared by the groans made inside the surgical room and the hammer, pliers and jacksaw being taken inside the dentist’s room. So, patients left the clinic without meeting the dentist.

(l) What had really happened in the dentist’s room?


  • The dentist had misplaced the key of the tool cabinet. He tried various carpentry tools like hammer, pliers, and hacksaw to open the cabinet without success for a long time. The groans were literally made by the dentist himself who was trying to break open the tool cabinet with out key.

4. Now, read the descriptions given under Column A and match them with their correct (-ist words) describing specialists in the various fields of medicine given under column B.





one who specializes in lung problems



one who specializes in skin problems



one who treats diseases specific to women



one who treats kidney diseases



one who treats diseases and disorders of the nervous system



one who treats stomach disorders



one who treats vision problems



one who specializes in critical infants



one who treats heart problems



one who treats the problems of ear, nose, tongue




  1. pulmonologist
  2. dermatologist
  3. gynaecologist
  4. nephrologist
  5. neurologist
  6. gastroenterologist
  7. ophthalmologist
  8. neonatologist
  9. cardiologist
  10. otolaryngologist

Summary Of The First Patient listening Activity

Read the following statements. Now, listen to the talk on the importance of humour and laughter for good physical and mental health. You may listen to the text again if required. to help you choose the correct option.

(For listening to the passage refer to our website www.fullcircleeducation.iri)

Humour and laughter are used in a variety of therapeutic situations. Therapeutic humour has the power to motivate and lessen stress and pain. Laughter improves one’s sense of well being. The benefits of a good “belly laugh” are being discovered by empirical research. You can feel relaxed and good after laughing at a funny movie, television program, or humorous event.

It seems generally accepted that our bodies respond in a positive way to a hearty laugh. It is reported that laughter, like exercise, can reduce stress, improve tolerance to pain, and alter bodily functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, muscle activity, and stomach acidity. In business, managers are learning the advantages of using humour. Happier, healthier employees work better. Humour improves employee creativity, so employees are sometimes trained how to introduce humour into their personal/professional life.

A number of hospitals and related institutions have created humour rooms. The humour room is stocked with books, comics, funny posters, audiotapes, and videos. Humour is a therapeutic tool that demands energy for its creation, yet its rich rewards include a closer therapeutic bond through shared laughter. The best humour comes from what is going on “at the moment.” Therefore one can plan to use humour yet rely on spontaneous opportunities to employ it. Humour is something positive that should bring mutually shared enjoyment and pleasure. Above all, humour is called a way of living not a part of living.

(i) Humour has the power to motivate and _________ stress and pain.

(a) improve

(b) intensify

(c) reduce

(d) increase

Answer:(c) reduce

(ii) It seems generally _________ that our bodies respond in a positive way to a hearty laugh.

(a) accepted

(b) denied

(c) improved

(d) confused

Answer:(a) accepted

(iii) The _________ is stocked with books,comics, funny posters, audiotapes, and videos.

(a) waiting room

(b) humour room

(c) ICU

(d) reception

Answer:(b) humour room

(iv) One can plan to use humour yet rely on _________ opportunities to employ it.

(a) late

(b) better

(c) future

(d) spontaneous

Answer:(d) spontaneous

(v) Humour is called a way of _________ ,not a part of living.

(a) living

(b) playing

(c) nourishing

(d) developing

Answers(a) living

First Patient Summary Speaking Activity

Complete the following dialogue between a doctor and a patient with ten sets of utterances for the following situation in which a person goes to a doctor for treatment. The doctor wishes to give him/her an injection. The person is scared. The doctor convinces the patient and administers the injection. Now, in pairs, enact the dialogue in the classroom.

Doctor : Good evening. Please come in.

Patient : Good evening, Doctor.

Doctor : Tell me what ails you?

Patient : I have severe stomach pain and mild fever too.

Doctor : Show me your tongue.

Patient : (Shows the tongue) Is it dengue?

Doctor : Don’t jump to conclusions.

Patient : I’m worried, Sir.

Doctor : Don’t worry. Tell me. What did you eat last evening?

Patient : I took KFC chicken one full bucket.

Doctor : I doubt some food poisoning.

Patient : What should I do, Sir?.

Doctor : Take an injection to stem the effect of food poisoning, and we will give you bottles of glucose.

Patient : Can you avoid injection, Sir?

Doctor : Young man don’t worry. My muse Sarala will give you an injection where you won’t feel any pain.

Patient : Thank you, Doctor.

5. Answer the following questions in a paragraph of about 80-100 words each.

(i) Based on your understanding of the play, explain how a mistaken understanding of events can lead to confusion. How has the author used this unexpected combination of events in the situation to create humour?


  • Author C.V. Burgess is a master craftsman. He reveals only a few names. The first patient Joe and his wife Emily are the most dominant characters. Joe is inside the surgical room. Emily is apprehensive about the husband. Among two children the dramatist uses only the girl’s name Dorothea and the Dentist hospital becomes a play area for Dorothea and the little boy who claim the same magazine for reading. The snobbish woman who goes on showing her
  • photo album gives us an impression if she came to see the doctor or to show her photos. The whole play resolves around the dramatic irony of patients’ guess as to what happened inside the dentists’ room and what really happened. The pliers, hack saw and the huge hammer were taken inside the dentist’s room only for opening the tool cabinet. But the patients wondered how these tools would be used in surgery. The groaning noise from inside the dentist’s rooms and the vexation of Emily Joe add to the dramatic irony. A few women patients leave the waiting room scared of subjecting themselves to the torture of having their bad teeth extracted with carpentry tools. The nurse moves about with all feigned seriousness without disclosing the fact of the misplacement of key which adds to the comic situation

(ii) Have you ever found yourself in such a situation? Discuss in groups and act out such a situation.


  • Once I was watching a thriller movie inside my room. I had locked the room from with in. But I had foolishly not reduced the volume of the T. V. There was a blood curdling scream of a little boy seeing a ghost. My parents banged the door thinking that I may have had a nightmarish dream or something was wrong. I opened the door and I had to convince them that it was just the movie and I was absolutely normal.

Additional Questions

I. Rearrange the sentences in a logical sequence.

Question 1.

(a) A fashionable lady patient showed her photos to fellow patients.

(b) The first patient Joe was called in.

(c) It was a dentist’s clinic.

(d) A number of patients were waiting for their turn.

(e) Everybody was tensed at the painful prospect of their bad tooth being extracted.


(c) It was a dentist’s clinic.

(d) A number of patients were waiting for their turn.

(e) Everybody was tensed at the painful prospect of their bad tooth being extracted.

(b) The first patient Joe was called in.

(a) A fashionable lady patient showed her photos to fellow patients.

Question 2.

(a) Seeing all these, a little boy confesses that he feigned tooth ache to bunk classes.

(b) Every one is frightened to see the nurse moving in with a pair of pliers and a hack saw. Patients find a nurse going in and out of the surgical room with a big hammer.

(c) Emily, wife of Joe, is worried.

(d) They hear groaning sound from within the surgical lab.


(c) Patients find a nurse going in and out of the surgical room with a big hammer.

(e) They hear groaning sound from within the surgical lab.

(d) Emily, wife of Joe, is worried.

(b) Every one is frightened to see the nurse moving in with a pair of pliers and a hack saw.

(a) Seeing all these, a little boy confesses that he feigned tooth ache to bunk classes.

Question 3.

(a) Emily heaves a sign of relief that the carpentry tools were for opening the tool cabinet.

(b) Emily weeps worried about her husband (Joe’s) safety.

(c) The loud sawing and screeching from within the clinic makes everyone leave the clinic.

(d) Finally only two women remain in the waiting room.

(e) Joe informs Emily that the Dentist shifted his appointment to the evening.


(c) The loud sawing and screeching from within the clinic makes everyone leav

(d) Finally only two women remain in the waiting room.

(b) Emily weeps worried about her husband (Joe’s) safety.

(e) Joe informs Emily that the Dentist shifted his appointment to the evening.

(a) Emily heaves a sign of relief that the carpentry tools were for opening the tool cabinet.

II. Choose the best option and fill in the blanks.

Question 1.

A number ___________ of were waiting at a dentist’s clinic.

(a) fans

(b) debtors

(c) players

(d) patients

Answer:(d) patients

Question 2.

Everybody is ___________ at the prospect of painful tooth extraction.

(a) happy

(b) frightened

(c) delighted

(d) awaiting

Answer:(b) frightened

Question 3.

___________ is the first patient.

(a) Emily

(b) Maurice

(c) Dorothea

(d) Joe

Answer:(d) Joe

Question 4.

It was startling to the patients to find the nurse carrying a ___________ into the surgical room.

(a) injection

(b) tray

(c) cap

(d) hammer

Answer:(d) hammer

Question 5.

Mrs. Joe was restless because she was frightened that her husband’s tooth was being extracted with ___________ and hacksaw.

(a) injection

(b) cotton

(c) hammer

(d) anaesthesia

Answer:(c) hammer

Question 6.

It was funny to notice a woman patient showing her ___________ to everyone.

(a) case file

(b) prescription

(c) photos

(d) drawings

Answer:(c) photos

Question 7.

Mrs. Joe was ___________ by the second woman because she tried to open the surgical room.

(a) motivated

(b) appreciated

(c) restrained

(d) persuaded

Answer:(c) restrained

Question 8.

The ___________ sawing and screeching frightened most of the patients.

(a) quiet

(b) inaudible

(c) mild

(d) loud

Answer:(d) loud

Question 9.

Except ___________ women all the patients left the dental clinic.

(a) one

(b) two

(c) three

(d) four

Answer:(b) two

Question 10.

Joe’s appointment was shifted to ___________

(a) afternoon

(b) morning

(c) evening

(d) the following Sunday

Answer:(b) morning

Question 11.

The missing key of the ___________ was found under the telephone directory.

(a) cashbox

(b) tool cabinet

(c) Almirah

(d) surgical room

Answer:(c) Almirah

Question 12.

The woman with the ___________ was surprised to see the queue had moved quickly.

(a) little girl

(b) little boy

(c) a hunch back

(d) photos

Answer:(d) photos

Question 13.

Mr. Joe had been given some ___________ to dull the pain. did not care when the lady threatened her that she wouldn’t bring her anymore to the


(a) Maurice

(b) Lalitha

(c) Hema

(d) Dorothea

Answer:(c) Hema

Question 14.

The ___________ from the surgical room was mistaken as painful reaction of Mr. Joe.

(a) music

(b) song

(c) news

(d) groan

Answer:(d) groan

Question 15.

___________ did not care when the lady threatened her that she wouldn’t bring her anymore to the Dentist’s.

(a) Maurice

(b) Lalitha

(c) Hema

(d) Dorothea

Answer:(d) Dorothea

Question 16.

A little girl and a small boy fought over ___________ a both wanted.

(a) photo

(b) doll

(c) ball

(d) magazine

Answer:(d) magazine

Question 17.

Woman 5 is found to be ___________ because she gladly shares her photos with everyone.

(a) eccentric

(b) wise

(c) conventional

(d) unusual

Answer:(a) eccentric

Question 18.

___________ was asking awkward questions.

(a) Lady 5

(b) Joe

(c) Emily

(d) Maurice

Answer:(d) Maurice

Question 19.

Man attributed the noise from surgical room was of a man whose ___________ was being taken out.

(a) tonsil

(b) bad tooth

(c) kidney

(d) abrasives

Answer:(b) bad tooth

Question 20.

Man said that there must be a special waiting room for ___________

(a) women

(b) children

(c) patients

(d) pets

Answer:(d) pets

Question 21.

The boy who had feigned tooth ache was threatened by his mom that she would ask the ___________

to thrash him.

(a) daddy

(b) grandma

(c) headmaster

(d) dean

Answer:(c) headmaster

Question 22

___________ claimed to have lied about tooth ache though her teeth appeared as black as kitche range.

(a) Emily

(b) Jane

(c) Dorothea

(d) Lucy

Answer:(d) Lucy

III. Identify the speakers.

  1. A bit big, wasn’t it? – Man 3 to Man 4
  2. There, there, don’t upset yourself, dear. There’s nothing to worry about – Woman 2 to Woman 1.
  3. I heard a chap once the roots of whose teeth were wrapped around his jawbone. He was fine hours in the chair – Man 4 to Man 3
  4. It’s mine! It’s mine! – Little girl to Small boy
  5. “Really, it’s the last time I’ll bring you anywhere” – Woman 7 to Dorothea.
  6. “I wish some people would keep their children under control” – Woman 6 to Woman 7
  7. I can’t stand it oh, Joe! Joe! Joe! – Emily
  8. What was the noise, mummy? – Small boy to Woman 8
  9. “That noise was a man having having a tooth out. That’s how it’s going to sound when your’s out” – Man 7 to Little boy
  10. What a thing to tell a small boy!” – Woman 6
  11. Disgusting – Man 6 about Man 7’s explanation of noise.
  12. I haven’t got tooth ache at all. I was only joking. I just wanted to get off school – Little boy to Mummy (Woman 8)
  13. I’ll get the headmaster to give you a good thrashing – Woman 8 to her son
  14. “A little discipline, that’s what he wants” – Man 5 about truant boy
  15. This one would make a good impression on you dear – Woman 5 to Woman 6 about her photo
  16. Do hurry, Nurse or we’ll never get this thing shift. – Dentist to Nurse
  17. Neither can I. I’ll be late for work – Man 5 to Man 6
  18. Cowards everyone of them. They can’t take it. – Man 5 and Man 6
  19. I can’t stand howling children. I’m off – Man 2
  20. “This time the saw will be on the edge of his teeth” – Man 7
  21. What ever is the matter my dear? – Woman 5 to Woman 1
  22. It’s Joe! Poor Joe! Goodness knows what state he’s in now – Woman 1 to Woman 5
  23. Well I suppose he hasn’t come to any harm – Woman 5 to Woman 1
  24. Oh! dear me! Where’s that very amusing one? – Woman 5
  25. Why, What ever is the matter, Emily? – Joe .
  26. Of course I’m alright. Why shouldn’t I be all right? – Joe to Emily
  27. But Joe, all that hammering and sawing – Emily to Joe
  28. Oh, that! That was only the dentist trying to force open his instrument cabinet – Joe to Emily
  29. So, he hasn’t done anything to you, Joe – Emily to Joe
  30. Dear me, that long queue did move quickly, didn’t it? – Woman 5 to Nurse

IV. Read the following paragraph and answer the questions given below.

Question 1.

There is a sudden screech of metal from the surgery. Woman 1 gasps with horror and is about to make a dash for the surgery door when she is dragged back by Woman 2. Man 4 groans loudly. The Small Boy and the Little Girl at the table start a fight about a magazine they both want. Woman 8 and Woman 7 attempt to separate them. Through all this noise Woman 5 is still trying to show her photographs.

Little Girl: It’s mine! It’s mine!

Small Boy: No, it’s mine! I saw it first.

Woman 7: Sit down, Dorothea. Sit down and be quiet. I’ll tell your daddy about this. Then there’ll be trouble. Really, it’s the last time I’ll bring you anywhere.

Little Girl: See if I care.

Question (a)

Who is called “woman 1”?


Emily is called woman 1.

Question (b)

Why does woman 1 gasp with horror?


Woman 1 hears groaning sound from the surgery room. Besides patients waiting for the dentist, tell horrifying tales about the extraction of teeth. Nurse also carries Hammer and Hack saw to the surgery room. So, she gasps with horror.

Question (c)

Why does Woman 1 try to dash to the surgery door?


Woman 1 tries to dash to the surgery door to find out if her husband Joe was alright.

Question (d)

What is the cause of fight between the two children?


Both the children want the same magazine. So, they fight.

Question (e)

How does woman 7 threaten Dorothea? What is her reaction to the threat?


Dorothea quarrels with another boy over a magazine. Her mom threatens her that she would tell her dad and she would never bring her again anywhere. The little girl just does not care about the double threat.

2. I can’t stand it. Oh, Joe! Joe! Joe!

(Man 4 groans.)

Small Boy: What was that noise, Mummy?

Woman 8: Don’t ask awkward questions, Maurice.

Man 7: I’ll tell you, little boy. That noise was a man having a tooth out. That’s how it’s going to sound when you have yours out, only much, much louder, because then it’ll be inside your head.

Woman 6: What a thing to tell a small boy!

Man 6: Disgusting!

Man 7: It’ll do the lad good. Bring‘em up natural, I always say.

Question (a)

What is unbearable for woman 1?


The sawing, screeching sound accompanied by a loud groan from the surgery room upsets woman 1. She thinks that her husband Joe, the first patient is subjected to torture.

Question (b)

Who asked awkward questions?


Maurice asked awkward questions.

Question (c)

Why does the woman think that the question was awkward?


Screeching sound and groaning sound are quite common in the surgery room of a Dentist when he is extracting a bad teeth. So, the question about the groan is said to be awkward.

Question (d)

Why was the answer to the boy’s question considered “disgusting”?


The man 7 answered that the noise was from a man whose tooth was being extracted. He added when the little boy’s tooth is extracted there would be louder noise. So, this owner is deemed ‘disgusting’.

Question (e)

How did man 7 justify his answer? .

Man 7 justified his answer that it would help the lady to raise her son in a natural way.


  1. Woman 6: But surely, they can’t really be using those tools to take out a tooth.

Woman 4: You heard what the Man said.

Woman 6: And those men have gone, too.

Man 7: Cowards, every one of them. They can’t take it.

Little Girl: Mummy, I was only joking about my toothache, too. I haven’t really got one. I was only trying to get off school.

Woman 7: Nonsense, Dorothea, you know your tooth is as black as the kitchen range. You’re only trying to get out of it.(The Little Girl breaks into a howl.)

Question (a)

What tools are talked about here?


The carpentry tools like hammer, pliers and hacksaw are talked about here.

Question (b)

Why does the woman feel that the tools are inappropriate there?


The woman believed that the carpentry tools may not be needed by a dentist to remove tooth. So, she feels they are inappropriate there.

Question (c)

Why does man 7 call his fellow patients as cowards?


Some of the male patients left the clinic without meeting the dentists. Man 7 thought that they were scared of the tools of tooth extraction and left the clinic. So, he described them as “cowards”.

Question (d)

How did the little girl try to outsmart her mom?


The little girl said that she was only joking about her tooth ache.

Question (e)

How did Dorothea’s mom find out the truth?

Dorothea’s teeth was black. The bad tooth had to be extracted. But Dorothea claimed that she was only joking about her tooth ache. So, mom found out Dorothea’s lies to escape the torture of the dentist.


  1. Man 1: Why, whatever is the matter, Emily?

Woman 1: Joe, Joe, are you all right? Let me look at you, Joe! ,

Man 1: Of course I’m all right. Why shouldn’t I be all right?

Woman 1: But, Joe, all that hammering and sawing.

Man 1: Oh, that! That was only the dentist trying to force open his instrument cabinet. Woman 1: His cabinet?

Man 1: Yes, you see he lost the key.

Woman 1: So he hasn’t done anything to you, Joe!

Man 1: Not a thing, and I can’t wait any longer this morning. I’ve made an appointment with him for this evening instead. The nurse gave me some pills to deaden the pain in the meantime. Woman 1: Oh, Joe, I was so upset.

Man 1: Well, it’s all right now, Emily, so let’s go.


Why was Joe perturbed?


Emily’s face was swollen and obviously she had cried. So, Joe was perturbed.

Question (b)

What did Emily want to look chosely at Joe?


Emily was frightened that her husband Joe was subjected to some torture by the dentist. She wanted to find out if there were traces of pain or injury on his face. So, she wanted to look closely at Joe’s face.

Question (c)

Why did Emily think that her husband must have suffered much?


Emily connected the sawing, hammering and groaning to the extraction of bad tooth. When noises came from the surgery room, Joe was inside it. So, Emily figured out that her husband must have suffered much.

Question (d)

How did Joe justify the loud noises and groan inside the dentist’s surgery room?


The Dentist was trying to open his instrument key. He had lost his key somewhere. The sawing and screeching were the noises related to it.

Question (e)

How did the nurse help Joe?


The nurse had given him some pills to dull the pain till the evening.

The First Patient About the Author

Christopher Victor Burgess is known as C. V. Burgess. He is a humorous playwright, His situational humour intensifies the emotions of the characters in the play. His plays ! usually accommodate a number of characters. His famous works are ‘Short Plays for Large Classes’, ‘Teach yourself Speech Training’ and ‘Classroom Playhouse Verse in Action’

The First Patient Summary

The story happens in a dentist’s clinic. The first patient Joe is called in by the dentist. For a long time all the waiting men, women and children hear loud groaning noise emerging from the surgical room of the dentist. Joe’s wife is obviously disturbed. She tries to barge into the surgical room to see for herself what is being done to Joe. Her curiosity turns into a traumatic experience as unusual tools like pliers, hammer and hacksaw add to the anxiety of Mrs. Joe. A girl namely Dorothea howls so hard that some men patients leave the clinic. A little boy confesses to his mom that he had faked tooth ache just for bunking his classes. His mom takes him back to school with a rebuke and threat that she would inform his teacher about it. The boy prefers punishment at school to surgery at the dentist’s room.

The little girl tries to persuade her mom to leave the waiting room. She says she has no bad tooth. The mother blackmails her that she wouldn’t give her ice-lollies if she doesn’t take the treatment. She also tells her sternly that if she howls again she wouldn’t bring her again to the dentist. The girl says that she would care less about it. Menfolks unable to wait for a longtime leave the clinic one by one. The boastful and snobbish lady who went on showing her photos to the waiting women is in for a surprise.

She is called in as the second patient. She wonders how, quickly the queue has moved on. Joe walks out of the surgical room with a beaming face. He admits that nothing happened to him. His appointment has been shifted to evening. Joe explains that the doctor has forgotten where he has left the tool cabin key. So, he was trying to open it so far with tools of carpentry. Mrs. Joe smiles understanding her


  • agony – severe pain
  • blurred – hazy, not clear
  • dreadful – extremely bad
  • ferrying – carrying
  • gas – anesthesia
  • groaning – crying in pain
  • ice-lollies – flavoured ice or ice cream on a stick
  • queer – strange
  • scream – a very funny thing
  • sulking weeny tug – being sad and silent
  • wenny – small pull
  • writhing – twisting the body from side to side


  • apprehension – worry
  • boastful – proud
  • extraction – removal
  • frightened – got afraid
  • groan – murmur in pain
  • restrained – detained
  • snobbish – thinking high of self
  • sympathized – felt sorry

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