You are currently viewing 11th Physics Public Exam Important 2 Mark Questions 2023

11th Physics Public Exam Important 2 Mark Questions 2023

11th Physics Important 2 Mark Questions 2023

11th Physics Public Exam Important 2 Mark Questions 2023
  • 1. What are fundamental quantities? Give an example.
  • 2. The position vector and angular velocity vector of a particle executing uniform circular Motion at an instant are 2 î and 4 ĸ respectively. Find its linear velocity at that instant.
  • 3. When walking on ice one should take short steps. Why?
  • 4. What is radius of gyration?
  • 5. State Newton’s universal law of Gravitation?
  • 6. Explain red shirt and blue shift in Doppler effect
  • 7. What is P-V diagram?
  • 8. List the factors affecting the mean free path.
  • 9. A metal cube of side 0.20 m is subjected to a shearing force of 4000 N. The top surface is displaced through 0.50 cm with respect to the bottom. Calculate the shear modulus of elasticity of the metal.
  • 10. Check the correctness of the equation 1/2 mv2 mgh = using dimensional analysis
  • 11. Define distance and displacement.
  • 12. Why there is no lunar eclipse and solar eclipse every month?
  • 13. State the law of conservation of angular momentum
  • 14. What is coefficient of restitution?
  • 15. During a cyclic process, a heat engine absorbs 500 J of heat from a hot reservoir, does Work and ejects an amount of heat 300 J into the surroundings (cold reservoir). Calculate the efficiency of the heat engine.
  • 16. Why there is no hydrogen in the earth’s atmosphere?
  • 17. Write down the factors affecting velocity of sound in gases.
  • 18. If the length of the simple pendulum is increased by 44% from its original length, Calculate the percentage increase in time period of the pendulum.
  • 19. Define angular velocity
  • 20. State Wien’s law
  • 21. Check the correctness of the equation v=u+at using dimensional analysis method.
  • 22. Give any two examples of torque in day-to-day life.
  • 23. Define frequency of simple harmonic motion.
  • 24. A book of mass m is at rest on the table. Draw the free body diagram for the book.
  • 25. Compute the distance between anti-node and neighbouring node.
  • 26. Why the energy of a satellite or any other planet is negative ?
  • 27. Calculate the energy consumed in electrical units when a 75 W fan is used for 8 hours daily for one month (30 days).
  • 28. What is Reynold’s number ?
  • 29. Define the term ‘degrees of freedom’
  • 30. In a submarine equipped with sonar, the time delay between the generation of a pulse and its echo after reflection from an enemy submarine is observed to be 80 s. If the speed of sound in water is 1460 ms-1, what is the distance of enemy submarine ?
  • 31. State Wien’s Displacement Law.
  • 32. Define – gravitational potential.
  • 33. What is simple harmonic motion ?
  • 34. State Newton’s second law.
  • 35. State conservation of angular momentum.
  • 36. A particle moves along the x-axis in such a way that its coordinates x varies with time ‘t’ according to equation x=2−5t+6t2. What is the initial velocity of the particle ?

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