You are currently viewing 4th English Guide Term 3 Lesson 2 Poem: The Painter

4th English Guide Term 3 Lesson 2 Poem: The Painter

4th English Guide Term 3 Lesson 2 poem: The Painter

4th English Term 3 – Lesson 2 Poem: The Painter – Book Back Answers

4th English Term 3 Lesson 2 Poem: The Painter book back and additional question answers. 4th standard English All Subject Text Books download pdf. 4th English Samacheer kalvi guide Term 1. 4th All Subject Bok Back Answers.  


4th English Guide The Painter Book Back Questions and Answers

A. Name the pictures and match it with the rhyming words.

Question 1.

_________  willAnswer:Hill

Question 2.

________  rushAnswer:Brush

Question 3.

________  floorAnswer:Shore

Question 4.

________  dancerAnswer:Panther

B. Answer the following questions.

Question 1.

What does she paint?


She paints valley and hill.

Question 2.

Does the brush bend to her will?


Yes, her brush bends to her will.

Question 3.

How does she move the brush?


She moves the brush like a dancer.

I. Answer the following Additional Questions and Answers.

Question 1.

Where does the painter sit while painting?


The painter was sitting on the cold mud floor while she was painting.

Question 2.

How does she paint on the canvas?


She painted on the canvas by holding the brush in her toes on the leg and moving it gently.

Question 3.

What does she draw?


She draws a big black panther.

A) Match the adjective with the appropriate picture.


Question 1.


Question 2.


Question 3.


Question 4.


Question 5.


Question 6.


B. Use the picture and the words to write the adjective.

Question 1.

The giraffe is ________.Answer:Tall

Question 2.

Its neck is ________.Answer:Long

Question 3.

Its eyes are ________.Answer:Round

Question 4.

Its skin is ________.Answer:Yellow

Question 5.

Its tail is ________.Answer:Short

Question 1.

There are ________ birds.Answer:Three

Question 2.

The birds feather is very ________.Answer:Soft.

Question 3.

The colour of the birds is _________.Answer:Blue

Question 4.

It is __________ in size.Answer:Small

Question 5.

The babies are ___________.Answer:Hungry

C. Use adjectives you think for each of these words. You can write more than one adjectives.

Question 1.

A __________ boy.



  1. A Clever boy
  2. A good boy
  3. A fat boy
  4. A tall boy

Question 2.

A __________ wind.


  1. A stormy wind
  2. A dusty wind

Question 3.

A ___________ flower.


  1. A beautiful flower
  2. A lovely flower

Question 4.

A __________ friend.

Answer:A good friend

Question 5.

A ___________ sun.


  1. A hot sun
  2. A bright sun

D. Match each sentence to the correct picture by writing the number in the box.

Question 1.


  1. A brown and white puppy is having fun.
  2. Wild animals are in the thick forest.
  3. A cute boy is painting with green colour.
  4. A naughty boy is riding horse with his sleepy dog.

Let us speak

Phrases in a dialogue

Question 1.

Borrowing a book from public library.


Librarian : How can I help you?

Myself : I couldn’t find the book I was looking for.

Librarian : Did you search the correct shelf?

Myself : Yes. It should have been there, but it isn’t.

Librarian : Someone may have taken it.

Myself : Will you be getting another copy anytime soon?

Librarian : I’m sure we will.

Myself : Would you be able to reserve it for me?

Librarian : I will reserve it.

Myself : Thank you very much.

Phrases in a dialogue Additional Questions and Answers.

Question 1.

Going to a textile shop to buy a dress.


Shop keeper : Welcome to our shop.

Myself : I want to buy a dress for myself. Can you help me?

Shop keeper : Sure sir. Do you look for formal wear?

Myself  : Yes sir.

Shop keeper : Can you look in the shelf opposite?

Myself : Thank you! But these cost above my budget.

Shop keeper : Please choose sir; we will offer a discount.

Myself : OK then it is fine.

Shop keeper : You have chosen a good one sir. Shall I make the bill?

Myself : Please do.

Additional Questions

More Adjectives

Underline the adjectives in the sentences and substitute it with another suitable adjective.

Question 1.

His shirt is _________ in colour.


(Another adjective) – Green

Question 2.

My pillow is ___________ in shape.


(Another adjective) – Rectangle

Question 3.

She lives in a __________ house.


(Another adjective) – Small

Question 4.

There are __________ birds on the branch.


(Another adjective) – Five

Question 5.

She has a __________ complexion.


(Another adjective) – Wheatish

Question 6.

The hall is __________ in shape.


(Another adjective) – Square

Question 7.

The building occupies a ___________ area of land.


(Another adjective) – Vast

Question 8.

I am __________ years old.


(Another adjective) – Nine

Let us listen

Listen to the audio and tick (✓) true or false.

Question 1.

It is a breakable pencil.


Question 2.

It has double spring mechanism.


Question 3.

It absorbs the pressure.


Question 4.

You can’t hold the pencil hard.


Question 5.

It gives confident and peace of mind.



The Painter Summary in English and Tamil

Sitting on the cold mud floor,

She paints the valley and hill,

Giving life to the canvas shore,

Sees the brush bend to her will.

Her canvas used to be colourless,

Until she learnt that her brush’s strokes,

Are not always aimless,

The flow of paint never chokes!

She dips her brush,

To draw the big black panther,

Her legs never in a rush,

She moves them like a dancer!

ஈரமான மண் தரையில் அமர்ந்து

அவள் பள்ளத்தாக்கையும், மலையையும் வரைகிறாள்.

ஓவிய துணிக்கு உயிர் கொடுத்தபடி

தூரிகை அவள் விருப்பத்திற்கேற்ப வளைவதைப் பார்க்கிறாள்.!

அவளுடைய ஓவியத்துணி நிறமற்று இருந்தது

அவளது தூரிகை அசைந்து, அசைந்து வண்ண ம்தீட்டுவதை அவள் அறியும் வரை!

அவை எப்போதும் இலக்கு அற்றதாக இருந்ததில்லை

வண்ண வீச்சு ஒருபோதும் தடைப்பட்டதில்லை!

அவள் தூரிகையைத் தோய்க்கிறாள்,

பெரிய கறுப்பு சிறுத்தையை வரைவதற்காக

அவள் கால்கள் எப்போதும் அவசரப்படவில்லை ,

அவள் அவற்றை (கால்களை) ஒரு நடனக்காரியை போல நகர்த்துகிறாள்!

The Painter Glossary

Bend – shape into a curve (வளைவாக வடிவம் அடைதல்)

Bend to her will – moves to her directions (அவள் விரும்பியபடி நகர்தல்)

Chokes – stops (தடைப்படுத்துதல்)

Giving life – making realistic (ஓவியத்திற்கு உயிரூட்டுதல்)

Colourless – without any drawing on it (ஓவியம் வரையப்படாமல்) நிறமற்ற நிலை)

Dip – put something in liquid (ஒரு (வண்ண ) திரவத்தில் எதையாவது தோய்த்தல்)

Never in a rush – always did not hurry (ஒருபோதும் அவசரப்படவில்லை)

Strokes – gentle movement of hand (மென்மையான அசைவுகளுடன் வரைதல்)

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