You are currently viewing 5th English Guide Term 2 Lesson 1 Poem Mother Nature

5th English Guide Term 2 Lesson 1 Poem Mother Nature

5th English Guide Term 2 Lesson 1 Poem Mother Nature

Class 5 English Term 2 Lesson 1 Poem Mother Nature Book Back Answers – TN Samacheer Kalvi Syllabus – ennum ezhuthum

5th Standard English Samacheer kalvi Guide Term 2 Lesson 1 Poem Mother Nature Book Back Question and Answers download pdf. 5th All Subject Book Back Question & Answers. Class 5 Prose, Poem, Supplementary Book Back Question answers. 5th English All Subject Text Book PDF.

5th English Guide Term 2 book back answers

6th English Guide Book Back Answers Term 2 Lesson 1.1 Hospitality – Mother Nature


  • hospitality – taking good care of the guests and visitors.
  • strangers – unknown people
  • refreshing – renewing
  • virtue – high moral behaviour
  • culture – the habits and customs of a particular society.
  • fortune – luck

Let Us Understand

A. Write the rhyming words

  1. nature – creature
  2. tree – free
  3. bird – herd
  4. face – race
  5. culture – future

B. Fill in the blanks

  1. Mother nature gives everything for all ______.Ans : creature
  2. Fruits and shadows are free under the __________.Ans : tree
  3. _______ is our culture.Ans : Hospitality
  4. Fortune knocks with its best who _______ for their guest.Ans : care
  5. Welcome guests to win everyone’s _____in life’s race.Ans : hearts

C. Answer the following questions.

1. Whose hospitality is described in the poem?

  • Mother nature’s hospitality is described in the poem.

2. What are the things given by the tree?

  • It gives fruits and shadows. It is also a home for bird, refreshing place for the herd.

3. What wins the hearts?

  • Smiling face wins the hearts.

4. Who will be the fortunate?

  • Those who win everyone’s heart will be fortunate.

5. How will you treat your guest?

  • We have to treat them with smiling face.


1. What is given free by the Tree?

  • Fruits are given free by the Tree.

2. Is mother nature same to all? How?

  • It gives everything to all creature.

Let Us Know

Present Perfect tense is used to show that an event has happened in the past and has present consequences. You all know the forms of verbs. Those are:


Mother Nature – Present Perfect Tense

We use past participle form of the verb along with the words have or has to show present perfect tense.

have played cricket.

You have played cricket.

He has played cricket.

We have played cricket.

She has played cricket.

They have played cricket.

It has played cricket.

In the above examples you can see that the verb is in past participle form for all the subjects. only the words have / has changes. has is used for he, she and it.

have is used for I, you, we and they.

A. Choose the correct verb form to the following sentences.



I _________ the Tajmahal. (have visited/has visited)

Ans : have visited


We _________ the animal in our trap. (have caught/has caught)

Ans : have caught


You _________ a beautiful painting. (have made/has made)

Ans : have made


They _________ in yellow colour. (have dressed/has dressed)

Ans : have dressed


He _________ a house in America. (have bought/has bought)

Ans : has bought


She _________ her exam. (have written/has written)

Ans : has written


It _________ the bus stop. (have left/ has left)

Ans : has left

An event that happened in the past that affects the present.

Action that was completed recently.

B. Fill in the blanks.

  1. I _________ never seen a cobra. (have/has)Ans : have
  2. We _________ not found the dog yet. (have/has)Ans : have
  3. You _________ arrived at the right time. (have/has)Ans : have
  4. They_________ written three letters already. (have/has)Ans : have
  5. He _________ just lost his wallet. (have/has)Ans : has
  6. She _________ never forgotten her bag. (have/has)Ans : has

C. Rewrite the sentence using the given words.

1. I have read this story.

  • She has read this story.

2. Shanmathi has given the book.

  • We have given the book.

3. My friends have come to the party.

  • My friend has come to the party.

4. The manager has accused him.

  • You have accused him.

5. The flight has lost the contact.

  • I have lost the contact.

D. Choose the verb and complete the sentence.

















  1. John has __________ a letter to his father.Ans : written
  2. Akshaya’s brothers have __________ to the educational tour.Ans : gone
  3. We have __________ the first prize twice in 2 years.Ans : won
  4. Hilda has ___________ a new toy to play.Ans : made
  5. Vithya and Fathima have _________ briyani for the party.Ans : prepared

E. Change the following sentences to present perfect tense.

1. She writes a letter to her friend.

  • She has written a letter to her friend.

2. Mohamad loses his purse in the crowd.

  • Mohamad has lost his purse in the crowd.

3. They eat all the bananas themselves.

  • They have eaten all the bananas themselves.

4. I book two tickets for my brother.

  • I have booked two tickets for my brother.

5. Mahesh gives the book to his friend.

  • Mahesh has given the book to his friend.

Let Us Speak

Mother : Hello!

Suganthi : Hello! May I please speak to Sathana?

Mother : May I know who is speaking?

Suganthi : I am Suganthi, her friend.

Mother : Just a minute….Sathana it’s for you.

Sathana : Hello… Hello… I‘m not able to hear you. Speak a little louder.

Suganthi : Hi Sathana, Am I audible?This is Suganthi. How are you?

Sathana : I am good. It is surprise. what are you up to?

Suganthi : I am going to the library tomorrow. Would you like to come with me?

Sathana : Of course. I need to renew my membership card.

Suganthi : Good, I will pick you up around 7.30.They open the library at 9 a.m.

Sathana : Ok, I will be ready.

Structures that are useful for this situation.


  • Can I speak to……………………..?
  • I want to speak with ……………
  • Can I have a word with………..?
  • Who is speaking?
  • Tell me your name.
  • Your name please.


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