You are currently viewing 7th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 The Wind on Haunted Hill

7th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 The Wind on Haunted Hill

7th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 The Wind on Haunted Hill

7th Standard English Book Back Answers Term 1 – Unit 2 The Wind on Haunted Hill

7th Standard English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 The Wind on Haunted Hill Book Back Question and answers download pdf. TN Samacheer kalvi guide. 7th Tamil Book Back Answers all Units.  7th English Guide Term 1, 2, 3 Prose, Poem, Supplementary Book in answers. 7th English Text Book pdf.

7th English Guide Term 1


7th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 The Wind on Haunted Hill

Warm Up

1. Find the hidden words in the pictures. One has been done for you.

  1. cat
  2. cord
  3. couch
  4. tiles
  5. mirror

2. Solve these riddles.

Question (Who am I?)


I have a face but no eyes, hands but no arms.


I sit in a corner while travelling around the world.


I go up when rain comes down.


I have a head and a tail but no body.


Section I

Work in pairs. Read the story above and find the answers to these questions.

1. What were the children doing beside the stone wall?

  • The children stood beside the stone wall, spreading clothes out to dry.

2. What did Suresh ask Usha? Why?

  • Suresh asked Usha if she wouldn’t be afraid to come back alone from the bazaar. He was concerned about his sister because he believed that there were ghosts on the hill.

3. Who told the children the story about the ghosts on Haunted Hill?

  • The children’s grandfather told them about the ghosts on Haunted hill

4. What did Usha see while walking to the bazaar?

  • Usha saw the ruins while walking to the bazaar.




make a long, low sound




ஏற்கனவே இருக்கின்ற


decayed, collapsed building or place

கட்டிட இடுபாடுகள்





low point on a ridge between two summits

இரு உச்சிகளுக்கு இடைப்பட்ட பகுதி


breaking apart into small pieces



ran with short quick steps


whistling- thrush

a small singing bird

சிறு பாடும் பறவை


– spreading out in different directions

பரவிக் கிடக்கும்

Section II

Two scary events from this section are listed here. Write the events that take place in between in the correct order.

The black clouds were threatening.

Usha gave a cry when she touched something soft and furry in the ruins.

She thought she heard a cry but didn’t know what it was

She saw two small figures crouching in the disused fireplace.

The ghostly figures were staring back.



unfriendly or frightening


foliage thrashing

hitting leaves and branches

இலைகள் தரையில் அடித்து மோதுதல்








what was left



bending down



banged together



pool of water


blotted out





கீற்று (மின்னல்)


hissed like something hot on a frying pan

“ஸ்” என்ற சத்தம்


made a loud noise

பெரும் சப்தம்

Section III

Discuss with your partner and complete the table.


Who asked this?

Who answered?

What was the answer?

1. Shall we run back together?



We’ll have to wait.

2. Can you see something behind the wall?



I can’t see anything

3. Who said good bye?


Suresh, Binya

Not I

4. Was it just the wind?


No one / wind

No answer / wind



lost one’s balance

நிலை தடுமாறல்


laugh lightly

மெல்லிய புன்னகை


crowded together

ஒன்றாகக் கூடி


feeling great eagerness


Read and Understand

A. Choose the most appropriate option.

1. The wind hurried and passed through the ___________

  1. apples and mangoes.
  2. pines and deodars.
  3. berries and cherries.

Ans ; pines and deodars.

2. The market was ____________ away from the village.

  1. 3 miles
  2. 7 miles
  3. 11 miles

Ans ; 3 miles

3. Usha went to visit her ____________ house after shopping in the market.

  1. Grand father’s
  2. aunt’s
  3. cousin’s

Ans ; aunt’s

4. Usha took shelter in the ____________


Ans ; ruins.

5. At dawn, the ____________ began to sing.

  1. cuckoo
  2. linnet
  3. thrush

Ans ; thrush

B. Think and answer

1. Why was it a struggle for the children to dry their clothes?

  • As the clothes were not blown away by the wind, the children had to place a rock on every garment. So it was a struggle for the children to dry their clothes.

2. What story did grandfather tell them about the haunted hill?

  • Grandfather told that he had seen the ghosts of the children playing in the ruins at night. This was the story about the haunted hill.

3. What did Usha buy in the market? List them.

  • Usha bought soap, matches, spices, sugar, a pipe stem for her grandfather’s hookah, an exercise book and some marbles for Suresh, and a necklace of amber-Coloured beads for herself, in the market.

4. What scared Usha during the dark rainy night?

  • Usha got scared when she touched something soft and furry.

5. How did the children react when they met each other at the ruins?

  • At first the children screamed with horror thinking that there were ghosts at the ruins. On recognizing each other, they hugged, laughed and relaxed.


D. Unscramble the sound – describing words from the text. One has been done for you.

  1. igeglg – giggle
  2. noam – moan
  3. murebl – rumble
  4. lowh – howl
  5. mobo – boom
  6. cohe – echo
  7. nogra – groan

E. The Detective’s Dictionary!

Choose the correct word from the box and fill in the blanks.






  1. A detective is someone who investigates a crime.Ans : detective
  2. A___________ is someone who suffers the effect of a crime.Ans : victim
  3. Someone who might have committed a crime is a___________.Ans : suspect
  4. A ___________ is an idea or fact that helps us solve a mystery.Ans : clue
  5. An __________is an information we have that proves us that something is true.Ans : evidence

Language Check Point

Don’t say



am here since last week.

have been here since last week.

An unfinished action has to be in the present.

When I woke up, my roommate left the room already.

When I woke up, my roommate had left the room already.

The action that occurred before the second action has to be in the past perfect tense.

My mom has called me yesterday.

My mom called me yesterday.

The present perfect tense cannot be used with an expression of past time.


F. Listen to the news report carefully and complete the following.

  1. Name of the place Gollamudi in Andra Pradesh
  2. What happened? It rained fish.
  3. What time of day did it happen? Early morning.
  4. What did the people say? People said that it was a fish not usually found there.
  5. What do strong winds and gales carry? Strong winds and gales can sometimes carry fish and sea animals along with the water from rivers and canals.

G. Frame five questions using the picture clues. Begin with “Have you ever”.      

(write any story)

Have you ever written a story?

(visit the Tajmahal)

Have you ever visited the Tajmahal?

(cook briyani)

Have you ever cooked Briyani?

(watch a horror film)

Have you ever watched a horror film?

(play Ten pin bowling)

Have you ever played Ten pin bowling?

(go swimming)

Have you ever gone swimming?

H. Fill in the blanks with the past perfect tense with the help of the words given in the brackets.

  1. When Usha looked out of the window dark clouds __________ (gather) over the mountains. Ans ; has gathered
  1. She had no umbrella with her; the weather __________________ (seem) so fine just a few hours ago. Ans ; has seemed
  1. All was dark again. Night __________ (fall).Ans ; has fallen
  2. She ran towards the big gap in the wall through which she ___________ (enter).Ans ; has entered
  3. Usha looked back at the ruins. The sun ____________ (come) up and was touching the top of the walls.Ans ; has come

I. Read this text and fill in the blanks with future tense.

Iniya moves to Chennai to join an IAS coaching class. Tomorrow by this time, she will have joined (join) the class. She will undergo (undergo) training till next year. She will have worked (work)very hard by the time she comes home. Her parents will be worrying (worry) about her health all the time. They will have written (write) many letters by the time she comes home. They will be very happy, when Iniya becomes an IAS officer.


J. Nalan’s grandfather showed him an old treasure trunk. A road map was stuck on the trunk. It showed the spot where a key was hidden. Look at the road map and write five directions to reach the spot where the key is hidden. Discuss with your partner and compare your directions with those of your classmates.


  1. Climb up the vertical hill.
  2. Take a few steps on the flat surface and climb down.
  3. Walk straight and pass the coconut tree the hill
  4. Go down the steep hill.
  5. The key is hidden among the huge rocks.

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