8th English Book Back Answers

8th English Guide Unit 4 Crossing the River

8th English Guide Unit 4 Crossing the River

8th Standard English Book Back Answers Lesson 4 Crossing the River

8th Standard English Guide Unit 4 Crossing the River Book Back Answers Download PDF. 8th Samacheer kalvi guide. 8th All Subject Book Back Answers. Class 8 English Prose, Poem, Supplementary Book in Answers.  TN State Board New Syllabus Samacheer Kalvi 8th Std English Text Book Pdf of Text Book Back Questions and Answers Chapter Wise Important Questions, Study Material, Question Bank, Notes, and revise our understanding of the subject. 8th English All Unit Book Back Answers.

8th English Book Back Answers

8th English Guide Unit 4 Crossing the River


  • prostrated – falling flat on the ground as a mark of respect
  • eloquent – fluent, expressive
  • discourse – discussion, spoken communication
  • spellbound – fascinating, captivating
  • resolved – firmly determined to do something.
  • ritual – a religious or solemn ceremony.
  • enthusiastically – interest, eager enjoyment.
  • apologetically – shows regretful acknowledgement.
  • spate – rush, run, flood
  • jocularly – humourous, funny
  • pious – spiritual, devoutly religious, dedicated.
  • guffaw – a loud and hearty laugh.
  • naivety – lack of experience, innocence
  • dawn – day break, early morning.
  • intrigued – arouse the curiosity of, fascinate, attract.
  • obeisance – respect, reverence, honour.

Read and Understand

A. Match the following.

  1. ritual – spell bound
  2. pundit – to cross the river easily.
  3. Moti – eloquent discourse.
  4. ferry – faithful
  5. audience – vow
  6. secret – passenger boat

Ans; 1 – E, 2 – C, 3 – D, 4 – F, 5 – A, 6 – B

C. Answer the following.

1. What was the pundit’s discourse about?

  • The Pundit’s discourse was about God and Truth and similar tough and complex matters.

2. Why did Moti, the milkmaid, feel happy?

  • Moti, the milkmaid was happy that she made a humble contribution towards the Pundit’s physical well-being by regularly supplying him with pure milk.

3. What was the resolution of Moti?

  • Moti resolved that even if the landlord failed to pay her for the milk and her labour, she would not fail in her duty.

4. Give reason for the pundit to ask for the milk at dawn.

  • The Pundit was under a vow for performing a certain ritual. so he needed the milk an hour before the sunrise.

5. Why did Moti come late on the first day of the ritual?

  • The boatman did not turn up before the sunrise because the river was in spate. So it would be impossible for him to ply the boat in darkness.

6. Mention an incident that show the naivety of Moti.

  • The Pundit said that according to the mystics, one could even cross the ocean of life by uttering the name of Lord Vishnu and it was a secret. Moti thanked the Pundit for passing the secret on to her. This incident shows the naivety of Moti.

7. How did the milkmaid cross the river?

  • The milkmaid uttered the name of Lord Vishnu and walked across the river.

8. What was the secret shared by pundit to milkmaid?

  • The secret was one could cross even the ocean of life uttering the name of Vishnu.

9. How did the pundit appreciate the milkmaid? Who else did he convey his thanks for?

  • The Pundit appreciated the pain the milkmaid had taken in getting up in the small hours, milking the cow and delivering the milk at dawn. He conveyed his thanks for the boatman.

10. Why did the pundit faint at the end of the story?

  • With folded hands, the milkmaid paid obeisance to the river. Picking up the pot, she stepped into the river with ease. As she walked across the river with ease the Pundit fainted.

D. Identify the speaker.

1. “But I apply the secret?”

Moti, the milkmaid.

2. “ Tell the boatman how pleased I am with him.”

The Pundit.

Step to success

A. Select the correct options to fill in the blanks.

  1. As I _______ in the rain for the bus to arrive, it appeared as _______ it would not arrive, ________ it took all my patience.
  1. weighted, though, so
  2. wetted, if, so
  3. waited, though, till

Ans; waited, though, till

B. Select option that correctly forms the 2nd pair similar to the 1st.

1. Bread : Yeast : : Curd : ?

  1. Germs
  2. Bacteria
  3. Fungi
  4. Virus

Ans ; Bacteria

2. Fungi : Fungus : : Species : ?

  1. Specey
  2. Specy
  3. Specie
  4. Species

Ans ; Species

3. Throw : Worth :: Tide : ?

  1. Water
  2. Ocean
  3. Edit
  4. Sea

Ans ; Water

4. Lion: Forest : : Otter : ?

  1. Cage
  2. Water
  3. The Alps
  4. Burrow

Ans ; Water

Connecting to self

Put tick (√) for do’s and cross (x) for don’ts.

  1. Avoid littering in ponds and water resources. 
  2. Using detergents and cleaners that are not environment friendly. Throwing chemicals or liquids. 
  3. Throwing chemicals or liquids.
  4. save the rain water. 
  5. I never dispose of fish or animal entrails in or around fresh water resources. 
  6. Dumping sudsy water into fresh water resources.

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