You are currently viewing 9th English Unit 2 Prose I can’t Climb Trees Anymore Book Back Answers

9th English Unit 2 Prose I can’t Climb Trees Anymore Book Back Answers

9th English Unit 2 Prose I can’t Climb Trees Anymore Book Back Answers

TN 9th Standard English Book Term 1 I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore Solution | Lesson 2.1

9th Standard English Lesson 2 Unit 2 Prose: I can’t Climb Trees Anymore Book Back Answers and Additional Questions and answers Download pdf. 9th English Samacheer Kalvi Guide Book in Answers. 9th Standard All Subject Guide Tamil Medium and English Medium. 9th English Important Questions. Class 1 to 12th All Subject Guide.

9th English Unit 2 Book Back Answers

Paragraph Question

1. What was the old house built with?

The old house was built with solid blocks of granite.

2. Does the narrator still live in the house?

No, the narrator does not live in the house still.

3. How did the narrator get the iron cross?

The girl climbed up the jack fruit tree and found the cross there. She gave it to the narrator. Thus he got it.

4. Do you think the girl kept the iron cross?

Yes, the author gave the cross to the girl. Though she hesitated to accept it, she kept it for herself.


turnstile(n) a mechanical gate consisting of revolving horizontal arms fixed to a vertical post, allowing only one person at a time to pass through
hollyhocks( a tall Eurasian plant of the mallow family, with large showy flowers
colonel(n) a rank of officer in the army
brigadier(n) a rank of officer in the British army, above Colonel
trapeze(n) a horizontal bar hanging by two ropes and free to swing, used by acrobats in a circus
bougainvillea(n) an ornamental shrubby climbing plant that is widely cultivated in tropics
budgerigars( a small Australian bird of the parrot family, often kept in a cage as a pet
muttered( to utter words in a low tone
slithered( slide or slip unsteadily on a loose or slippery surface
pruning(v) the act of trimming a plant
drenched( thoroughly wet, soaked
chiming(v) make melodious ringing sounds typically to indicate the time
cranking(v) start, get going
eddies( circular movement of air or water, whirl, spiral
sprightliness(n) liveliness, spirit, life
lissome(adj.) slim, thin, slender, graceful, active
prosperous(adj.) flourishing, successful
appraising(v) assess, evaluate, estimate


A. Based on your understanding of the story, indicate either ‘T’ (True) or ‘F’( False) against the columns.

1. The narrator had hidden a few old coins in the tree.

Ans : True

2. The jack fruit tree was still there.

Ans : True

3. As a boy the narrator used to swing on the turnstile.

Ans : True

4. The narrator had sold the house.

Ans : True

5. A girl came out of the house.

Ans : True

6. The narrator’s grandfather used to sit on the stone bench.

Ans : False

7. The narrator was able to remember the music of a piano.

Ans : True

8. The narrator was able to climb the jack fruit tree.

Ans : False

9. The purpose of the visit of the narrator was to buy his ancestral home back.

Ans : False

10. The narrator climbed over the wall easily.

Ans : False


B. Based on your understanding of the story, answer the following questions by choosing the correct answer.

i. The story I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore highlights the importance of ________

  1. old age
  3. adulthood
  4. middle age

Ans : youth

ii. The house which was visited by the man____________

  1. remained unchanged.
  2. was totally changed.
  3. was slightly repaired.
  4. was given a facelift.

Ans : remained unchanged.

iii. Who said, “A blessing rests on the house where the shadow of a tree falls”?

  1. grand mother
  2. grand father
  3. uncle
  4. the narrator

Ans : grand mother

iv. The author came back to the house because he ________________

  1. wanted to see the jackfruit tree.
  2. was looking for his lost youth.
  3. wanted to look again at his old house
  4. wanted to buy the house.

Ans : wanted to buy the house.

v. He gifted _________ to the little girl.

  1. an iron cross
  2. a bronze medal
  3. marbles
  4. old coins

Ans : an iron cross


C. Match the words in column A with the meanings in column B by drawing a line as shown

1. pruning soaked
2. chiming shaky
3. drenched flourishing,
4. dizzy life
5. prosperous emit a sound
6. sprightliness trimming a plant
7. prosperous ancient
8. treasure bell, gong
9. chiming a collection of precious things
10. rusty well-off

Ans:  1 – f, 2 – e h, 3 – a, 4 – b, 5 – c, 6 – d, 7 – c, 8 – I, 9 – e, 10 – g


D. Read these shortened forms of words and write the fullform for the remaining words and complete the table given below.

won’t will not
I’d I had/ I would
I’ll I will
you’d You had / You would
they’ve They have
he’d He had / would
he’s He has / is / was
wasn’t Was not
isn’t Is not
doesn’t Does not
aren’t Are not
wouldn’t Would not
can’t can not

E. Choose the best answer.

1. In New York Mr Scotti left the plane because he thought he

  1. had to change the plane
  2. was in Rome.
  3. had to phone his cousins.
  4. changed his mind.

Ans; was in Rome.

2. He decided to find his cousins’ home without their help. He asked the policeman for information in Italian because he

  1. thought he was in Italy
  2. knew the policeman.
  3. didn’t speak any other language
  4. liked the language

Ans; thought he was in Italy

3. On the next day, Mr Scotti was __________ at how the local people responded to his queries.

  1. surprised
  2. unhappy
  3. glad
  4. upset

Ans ; surprised

4. Circle three words that best describe Mr.Scotti

 (clever / unlucky / stupid / successful / miserable / happy)

Ans; unlucky / Stupid / Miserable


F. Write the gerund/infinitive form of the verbs in the blanks.

1. The astronauts managed ___________ (complete) their training in record time.

Ans: to complete

2. They learned how __________ (survive) in space without gravity.

Ans: to survive

3. The best astronaut almost quit _________ (try) to learn the complex information.

Ans: Trying

4. Their mission appeared __________ (be) in jeopardy.

Ans: to be

5. Then Marina encouraged him by saying, “It’s no good __________ (quit) the project right at the end.”

Ans: quitting

6. Being an astronaut will enable you __________ (achieve) great success in life.

Ans: to achieve

7. If you give up ____________ (study) now, our mission will be scrubbed.

Ans: studying

8. Think of your fellow astronauts who wouldn’t hesitate __________ (help) you in time of trouble.

Ans: to help

9. We astronauts must keep on _______________ (prepare) for our space launch.

Ans: preparing

10. Some say it’s no use _____________ (travel) to distant planets, because it takes too long.

Ans: travelling

11. But we really want ____________ (visit) other planets and find out if life exists on them.

Ans: to visit

12. Can you imagine ___________ (walk) up to a Martian and shaking hands and ____________ (say), “Hello, how are you? “

Ans: walking, saying

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