9th Science Important 4 Marks

9th Science Important 4 Marks

9th Science Important 4 Marks

9th Science Important 4 Marks. TN 9th Standard Science English Medium Samacheer kalvi New Reduced Syllabus Important 4 Mark Questions. Tamil Nadu State Board Syllabus Ninth Standard EM Science very important four mark question full syllabus. Annual exam questions. STUDENTS GUIDE 360.

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  • Class: 9th Standard
  • Subject: Science
  • Marks: 160

I. Answer any 40 Questions  (40*4=160)

1. Calculate the positive and negative error from the given figure

2. Explain the method to find the diameter of the sphere.

3. During an experiment, a signal from a spaceship reached the ground station in five seconds. What was the distance of the spaceship from the ground station? The signal travels at the speed of light that is 3 ×108 ms-1?

4. Draw the model of the following pairs of isotones

5. Design an experiment to demonstrate hydrotropism.

6. Give an account on phylum Arthropoda.

7. Draw the life cycle of jelly fish.

8. How are vitamins useful to us? Tabulate the sources, deficiency diseases and symptoms of fat soluble vitamins

9. How to detect food adulteration in bananas and apples?

10. Some common symbols in the electrical circuit.

11. Draw a neat diagram of an AC generator.

12. Describe with diagram, how compressions and rarefactions are produced.

13. Define and write SI units of Amplitude, frequency, time period, wavelength and velocity or sound.

14. Discuss the benefits of ISS.

15. Give an account of Stars .

16. Explain the principle, construction and working of a AC generator

17. State any five features of modern periodic table.

18. List the advantages of alloys

19. List down the differences between Ionic and Covalent compounds.

20. Sulphuric acid is called King of Chemicals. Why is it called so?

21. Write notes on importance of pH in everyday life.

22. What is the consequence that occur if all blood platelets are removed from the blood?

23. Explain simple epithelium and its types.

24. Explain with diagrams how refraction of incident light takes place from

  • a) rarer to denser medium
  • b) denser to rarer medium
  • c) normal to the surface separating the two media.

25. Find the size, nature, and position of the image formed when an object of size 1 cm is placed at a distance of 15 cm from a concave mirror of focal length 10 cm.

26. How are homogenous solutions different from heterogeneous solution? Explain with examples

27. Write the properties of the mixture

28. Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) contains 94.11% sulphur, water (H2O) contains 11.11% hydrogen and sulphur dioxide (SO2) contains 50% of oxygen. Show that the results are in agreement with the law of reciprocal proportions

29. Describe the alimentary canal of man

30. Draw a chart to show the various enzymes produced during digestion is our body and their action

31. State the laws of flotation.

32. What are the different steps involved in data processing?

33. List out the generations of computer

34. What are the changes of state in water? Explain.

35. Give the difference between heat and temperature.

36. A wire of resistance 10 Ω is bent in the form of a circle. Find the effective resistance between points A and B which lies on the diameter.

37. What are the chemical reactions of carbon?

38. List out the drawbacks of plastic.

39. The soil pH of a crop land is 5. What kind of fertilizers should be used in that land?

40. List out the drawbacks of Nano materials in chemistry.

41. What are the conditions in a dry habitat to which plants develop adaptations? List out the adaptations of xerophytes?

42. List out the advantages of farm ponds.

43. Give an account of different types of fish ponds used for rearing fishes.

44. Give an account of the classification of bacteria based on the shape.

45. Name the causative agent of tuberculosis in humans. How does the pathogen gain entry into the human body? write the diagnostic symptom and mention the organ that is affected in severe cases, How is it treated.

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