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How to Calculate TNEA cutoff Marks 2022

TNEA cutoff Calculator 2022

How to Calculate TNEA cutoff Marks 2022

Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions Cutoff Calculator 2022

 Tamilnadu Engineering Admissions 2022. TNEA Cutoff Mark Calculation. How to Calculate Cut-off marks for TNEA Admissions 2022. Cutoff marks are calculated by converting the Maths marks to 100, Chemistry marks to 50, Physics marks to 50, and then adding them up. The cutoff total marks will be a maximum of 200. It is based on this cutoff TNEA publishes rank list of students and sets the order in which students apply for Tamilnadu Engineering Admissions. TNEA Engineering Admissions Cutoff Marks are calculated using the formula given below. You can also calculate your Cutoff Marks using the calculator below.

Cutoff Mark (For 200)

(Mathematics) + (Physics/2) + (Chemistry/2) This formula to calculate the cutoff is valid for those students who wrote their +2 exams after 2019, when total marks was 600 For example, a student scored the below marks in plus 2 examination Mathematics – 80, Physics – 86 and Chemistry – 78Cutoff Mark = (80) + (86/2) + (78/2) = 80 + 43 + 39 = 162Previously Skateboard total marks were out off 1200, hence the calculation of cutoff was different. 12th Public Exam Government Official Answer key 2022.

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TNEA – Tamilnadu Engineering Admissions 2022 CutOff Calculator

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How to Calculate Cutoff Marks for TNEA-2022

Your Score :
  • Maths – 80 = 80
  • Physics – 86/2 = 43
  • Chemistry – 78/2 = 39

Cut Off = 80+43+39 = 162
Your TNEA Cutoff: 162

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