You are currently viewing 10th English Unit 2 Supplementary Zigzag Book Back Answers

10th English Unit 2 Supplementary Zigzag Book Back Answers

10th English Unit 2 Supplementary Zigzag Book Back Answers

10th Standard English Unit 2 Book Back Answers. 10th English Unit 2 Supplementary Zigzag Book Back Answers Book Solutions Guide Pdf Prose Chapter 2 Supplementary Zigzag helps you to revise the complete Tamilnadu State Board New Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations. 10th All Subject Book Back Answers.

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10th Standard English Book Answers – Unit 2.3 Zigzag



aboriginal (adj.) native, local சொந்த / உள்ளூர்
sarcasm (n) use of irony to mock or convey contempt வெறுப்பை வெளிப்படுத்தும் ஒரு முரண்பாடு
fringed (v) bordered விளிம்பு
plumage (n) a bird’s feather collectively பறவையின் இறகுகளின் தொகுப்பு
sludgiest (adj.) wet mud சகதி
grumpiness (adj.) bad tempered கோபமுள்ள
squirt (n) spray தெளித்தல்
coyote (n) a wolf like wild dog native to North America. வட அமெரிக்காவில் உள் ஓநாயைப் போன்ற காட்டு நாய்
streaks (n) line, strap. கோடுகள்
tantrum (n) outburst, flare-up அலறலும், கூச்சலும்
crinkly (adj.) wrinkly சுருக்கம், விழுந்த


A. Identify the speaker/character.

1. ‘Even though I clearly said no!’

  • Krishnan

2. ‘ The one that spits deadly poison straight into its opponent’s eyes.’

  • Maya/Fighting beetle

3. ‘ Remember the tiny penknife he gave me last year’.

  • Maya

4. ‘ It’s Somu’s thoughtless ways that reduce me to tears’

  • Krishnan

5. ‘Come in, Zigzag, come in dear!’

  • Visu


B. Read the story again and write how these characters reacted in these situations:

1. You’re both quite mistaken.

Dr. Krishnan : Zigzag is a harmless, unusual and lovable bird.

Mrs. Krishnan : “The favourite possession” he has given us absolute nuisance

2. It’s Somu’s thoughtless ways that reduce me to tears.

Mrs. Krishnan : To dump this multilingual, talking singing bird.

Dr. Krishnan : We are sure to love Zigzage.

3. Just wait till zigzag settles down in this new home.

Visu : You can have a great time listening to him.

Aravind and Maya : They didn’t wait more than ten minutes.

4. Zigzag hardly never sleeps.

Somu : I’ve never heard Ziazag snore.

Dr.Krishnan : How to stop Zigzag from snorging?

5. You are an absolute treasure………….

Dr.Krishnan : Why didn’t you tell me you’d prefer to be at my clinic?

Zigzag : Ziggy – Zagga – King – of -Tonga, brought up on compliments, didn’t brother to reply.


C. Complete the given tabular column.

Arrival of Zigzag Somu requested Dr. Krishnan to take care of his pet. Mrs.Krishnan was not willing to keep Zigzag She was worried
about her painting exhibition
Life of Zigzag at Dr. Krishnan’s residence Zigzag perched on the curtain rod and went off to sleep When their maid switched on the fan a slice of papaya splattered over her master piece, Sunset at Marina Mrs. Krishnan was annoyed and call Mr. Krishnan to contact Somy
The email about Zigzag Dr. Krishnan Somu’s reply surprised the Krishnans. The reply was was I’ve never heard Zigzag snore.
Zigzag at the clinic When Zigzag
entered the clinic
he went about the job
Gone was Zigzag’s bored and grumpy expression. The bird looked happy and alert. After the family knew that zigzag must be kept  busy they liked to keep it with them.


1. Why did Dr. Ashok’s cousin call him?

Dr. Ashok’s cousin called whether he could keep Zigzag with him.

2. Mention atleast two expressions which shows that Mrs. Krishnan was not willing to have Zigzag at home?

  • She was busy with her painting exhibition.
  • Somu’s ‘favourite’ prossessions were absolute nuisances

3. What other various pets did Somu have?

Spitfire, Insect – eating plant, penknife and boomerang are the pets that Somu has

4. What was Mrs.Krishnan busy with?

Mrs. Krishnan was busy with her painting ready for the exhibition next week.

5. What commotion did the boomerang cause in the neighborhood?

Boomerang sliced throgh all the Tv aerials in the neighbourhood

6. What happened when Somu left Zigzag with the Krishnans?

Zigzag perched on the curtain rod and went off to sleep

7. How did Zigzag communicate with the Krishnans?

Zigzag communicated only in snorish

8. What was the e-mail message sent to Somu by Dr.Krishnan?

Dr. Krishnan sent an e-mail to Somu asking him, to stop Zigzag for snoring.

9. What did Aravind confess?

Aravind Confessed that he was looking forward to go to school as it was very calm

10. Why did Mrs. Jhunjhunwalla buy the painting?

Mrs. Jhunjhuwalla bought the painting because the papaya feel on the painting.


E. Answer the following questions in about 100 – 150 words:

1. Write in your own words the various commotions caused by zigzag at Dr. Krishnan’s residence.

Zigzag picked up a walnut and deposited the nut on the chandelier hanging from the celling. Later, it took all the fruits and transferred on to the blades of ceiling fan. Then, it perched on the curtain rod and went off to sleep. And the moment it fell asleep, it began to snore. It grew louder and louder. Everyone in the house tried their best to stop the snoring but it ended in vain. Then, in the studio, it threw away all the papayas and bananas in the room. When their maid switched on the fan, a guava landed on her cheek and a walnut hit her forebead. One slice of papaya splattered all over Mrs. Krishnan’s masterpiece. They froze in horror. These were the commotions caused by Zigzag.

2. What was the turn of events when Zigzag was taken to the clinic.

When Zigzag entered the clinic, it went about the job. It warned all the patients to keep silent. There was pin-drop silence in the room. The clinic was a noisy place but now it transformed into a calm place. Zigzag soothed the frightened patients, scolded the naughty ones and made the crying once smile. It recited French poetry that made the children to helpless laughter instead of tears. Zigzag’s bored and grumpy expression was gone. It looked happy and alert. Zigzag never slept or snored.

3. Narrate the story Zigzag in a own words.

Dr. Krishnan, a child specialist ran a clinic, His wife Mrs, Krishnan was an artist, She was busy with her painting Sunset at Marina. He had two children Arvind and Maya. Dr. Somu was a friend of Dr. Krishnan. He was going to Alaska. So he asked his friend, Dr. Krishnan, to look after the bird, Zigzag. It was harmless, unusual and lovable bird.

Dr. Somu got the bird as a compliment from an African witch doctor because he cured the son of the African witch doctor. Here, Mrs. Krishnan was not willing to keep it in their house. Visu, an old cook of Dr. Samu took the bird to his house. Zigzag’s full name is Ziggy – Zagea – king – of – the – Tonga. Though the bird knew 21 different languages, it refused to speak a single word, It climbed on the curtain rod and fell asleep.

Then it began to snore. Then the bird picked up the walnut and all the fruits. lt kept them on the blades of the ceiling fan. When their maid Lakshmi, switched on the fan, all the fruits fell down. One slice of papaya was splattered all over Mrs. Krishnan’s unfinished masterpiece, Sunset at Marina, Mrs. Krishnan felt angry and told her husband she won’t keep it anymore, For a change, Dr. Krishnan took the bird to his clinic, Zizag felt happy and alert instead of a bored and Erimpy expression.

It went about its duty as it was trained. There was pin-drop silence in the clinic. Dr. Krishnan felt happy. At that time he received a phone call from his wife. She told that her painting was bought by Mrs. Jhunjhunwala for Bs. 5,000. This happened because of the Zigzag. She also felt happy. So, they all accepted to keep Zigzag with them.

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