12th Chemistry 1 Marks Organic nitrogen compounds:

12th Chemistry Important 1 Marks Co-ordination Chemistry

12th Chemistry Important 1 Marks Co-ordination Chemistry

One Mark Study Material Unit wise as per reduced syllabus (2021-22)

TN 12th Chemistry Important 1 Marks Co-ordination Chemistry. 12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter 5. +2 Chemistry Important 2 Marks,  3 Marks, 5 Marks Questions Based on reduced Syllabus 2021-2022. 12th Free Online Test (MCQs). HSC 12th Chemistry Revision Test Important Questions. 12th Tamil Full Guide.

12th Chemistry Important 1 Marks Co-ordination Chemistry

12th Chemistry Important 1 Marks

Co-ordination Chemistry

  • 1. [Ni(H2o)6]2+ is paramagnetic in nature.
  • 2. Formula of tris(ethane-1,2,-diamine)iron(II)Phosphate is [Fe(H2N-CH2– CH2-NH2)3]3(PO4)2]
  • 3. Formula of Potassiumhexacyanidoferrate(II) K4[Fe(CN)6]
  • 4. Formula of Pentacarbonyliron(0) is [Fe(CO)5]
  • 5. Formula of pentamminenitrito –k-N-cobalt(III)ion is [Co(NH3)5(NO2)]2+
  • 6. Formula of hexamminecobalt(III)sulphate is [Co(NH3)6(SO4)3]
  • 7. Sodiumtetrafluridodihydroxidochromate(III) is Na3[CrF4(OH)2]
  • 8. A complex in which the oxidation number of the metal zero is [Fe(CO)5]
  • 9. Oxidation state of iron and the charge on the ligand NO in [ Fe(H2O)5NO]SO4 are +1 & +1 respectively.
  • 10. [ Co(en)2.Cl2]Cl will give a pair of enantiomorphs.
  • 11. The Co-ordination entities has the magnitude of ∆0 will be maximum in [CO(CN)6]3-
  • 12. A magnetic moment of 1.732BM seen in the complex [Cu(NH3)4]2+
  • 13. IUPAC name of the complex is K3[Al(C2O4)3] is potassiumtrioxalatoaluminate(III)
  • 14. As per IUPAC guidelines the name of the complex [ Co(en)3(ONO)Cl]Cl is chloridobis(ethane-1,2,-diamine)nitro k-O –cobalt(III)chloride]
  • 15. A complex has the molecular formula MSO4Cl.6H2O. The aqueous solution of it gives white precipitate with barium chloride solution and no precipitate is obtained when it is treated with silver nitrate solution. If the secondary valence of the metal is six, the correctly represents complex is [ M(H2O)5Cl]SO4.2H2O.
  • 16. An excess of silver nitrate is added to 100ml of a 0.01 M solution of pentaaquachloridochromium (III) chloride. The no. of moles AgCl precipitated would be 0.002
  • 17. The sum of primary valence and secondary valence of the metal M in the complex [M(en)2(Ox)]Cl is 9
  • 18. Co-ordination number of Ni in[Ni(C2O4)3]4- is 6
  • 19. Zeiss’s salt is K[PtCl3(C2H4)]
  • 20. The magnetic moment of [CoF6]3- 4.89BM
  • 21. The geometry and hybridization of [Fe(CO)5] is Trigonal bipyramidal, dsp3
  • 22. Magnetic moment is given by the formula is 𝐧(𝐧 + 𝟐)
  • 23. [Ni(CO)4] belongs to neutral complex
  • 24. Werner’s theory was not able to explain Color & Magnetic properties.
  • 25. They don’t dissociate into its constituent ions wrong statement about double salts.
  • 26. [Pt(NH3)4] [PtCl4] is called as Magnus’s green salt
  • 27. In [FeII(CN)6]4-, the central metal ion is Fe2+
  • 28.[FeF6]4- is paramagnetic because F- is weaker ligand
  • 29. [Cu(NH3)4]Cl2 is not an ionic complex.
  • 30. The oxidation number of nickel in the complex ion.[NICl4]2+ is +2
  • 31. [Cu(NH3)4]Cl2 is an example of complex compound having co-ordination number 4.
  • 32. K2SO4Al2 (SO4)324H2O is a double salt.
  • 33. [Co(NH3)6]Cl3 is a homoleptic complex.
  • 34. 4 is the co-ordination number of Pt in [Pt (NO2)(H2O)(NH3)2]Br.
  • 35. [Pt(NO2)(H2O)(NH3)2]Br is a heteroleptic complex.
  • 36. IUPAC name of H2[PtCl6] is dihydrogen hexa chloroplatinate(IV)
  • 37. The name of the complex anion is [Fe(CN)6]3- is Hexacyanidoferrate(III) ion.
  • 38. The spin only magnetic moment of [MnBr4]2- is 5.9BM. Geometry of the complex ion is Tetrahedral
  • 39. K4[Fe(CN)6] is an example of anionic complex.
  • 40. Structural formula of tetra aquadichlorido chromium(III) chloride is
  • 41. Primary valency and secondary valancies of Cu in [Cu(NH3)4]SO4 is 2,4
  • 42. Write the formula of sodiumtetrafluoridodihydroxidochromate(III)
  • 43. Write the IUPAC name of of the complex is [Co (ONO)(NH3)5]2+
    Pentamminenitrito-kO cobalt(III) ion.
  • 44. Write the IUPAC name of the complex is [Pt(NH3)2Cl(NO)2]
  • 45. Write the formula of the following species pentamminenitrito – N-cobalt(III) ion is [Co(NH3)5(ONO)]2+
  • 46. Write IUPAC name of the complex [Co(en)3]2(SO4)3 is Tris(ethane 1,2- diamine)cobalt (III) sulphate.
  • 47. Ligand based on the no. of. donor atoms is (i) NH3Monodentate., en – bidentate, OX2-bidentate, triaminotriethylamine – Polydentate , pyridine – monodentate
  • 48. Ferrous ammonium sulphate is also called as Mohr’s salt.
  • 49.[Co(C2O4)3]3-exhinit hybridization is sp3d2
  • 50. Greater the overlapping between the ligand orbitals and the hybridized metal orbital, is Greater is the bond strength.

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