You are currently viewing 12th English Important Questions Public Exam 2022

12th English Important Questions Public Exam 2022

12th English Important Questions Public Exam 2022

12th Standard English Public Exam May 2022 Important Questions Based on Reduced Syllabus 2022. 12th Tamil Public Exam Answer key. 12th English Free online test. 12th English Public Exam Model Question Paper 2022.

12th English Important Questions Public Exam 2022

I. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences.

  1. Who did the narrator meet on the outskirts of Verona? (IQ)
  2. Why did the driver not approve of the narrator buying fruits from the boys?
  3. The boys did not spend much on clothes and food, why?
  4. Why did the author avoid going to Lucia’s room?
  5. What made the boys join the resistance movement against the Germans?
  6. Why did Aksionov’s wife stop him from going to the fair?
  7. What is the importance of Aksionov’s wife’s dream?
  8. Why did Aksionov give up sending petitions?
  9. Did Makar feel guilty when he heard Aksionov’s story?
  10. Why did Aksionov’s wife suspect him of involvement in the murder?
  11. What is the creeper compared to?
  12. How does the creeper appear on the tree?
  13. Describe the garden during the night.
  14. How does the poet spend her winter?
  15. Why is the casuarina tree dear to poet’s heart?
  16. What has Wordsworth sanctified in his poem?
  17. The casuarina tree will be remembered for ever. Why?
  18. To whom does Toru Dutt want to consecrate the tree’s memory?
  19. What thoughts troubled Dr. Christiaan Barnard as he neared the end of his career as a heart surgeon?
  20. What were Dr. Barnard’s feelings when he was hospitalized after an accident?
  21. When and where did the accident occur?
  22. How did the hospitalization of Dr. Barnard and his wife affect their routine?
  23. How was the unattended trolley put to use?
  24. What roles did the duo take up?
  25. ‘Ulysses is not happy to perform his duties as a king.’ Why?
  26. What does he think of the people of his kingdom?
  27. What has Ulysses gained from his travel experiences?
  28. Pick out the lines which convey that his quest for travel is unending.
  29. ‘As tho’ to breathe were life!’ – From the given line what do you understand of Ulysses’ attitude to life?
  30. What does Ulysses yearn for?
  31. Who does the speaker address in the second part?
  32. ‘He works his work, I mine’ – How is the work distinguished?
  33. What could be the possible outcomes of their travel?
  34. Mention two features of Ausable that were uncharacteristic of a detective.
  35. What was Ausable waiting for?
  36. Who was the Midnight Visitor? What was the purpose of his visit?
  37. How had Max actually entered the room?
  38. Did Max’s presence alarm Ausable?
  39. How did Ausable describe the balcony and the manner in which one could get into his room through it?
  40. Who was Henry? Why had he visited Ausable’s room?
  41. What was put on the family agenda?
  42. Who visited the family?
  43. Describe the stool that the narrator’s family had.
  44. What was Pedanna’s suggestion to their father?
  45. What was offered to Maamanaar by their mother?
  46. Why were the two chairs compared to Rama-Lakshmana?
  47. How did Maamanaar handle the chair at home?
  48. When did the children shy away from the chair?
  49. How would the poet’s advice help his son who is at the threshold of manhood?
  50. ‘A tough will counts.’ Explain.
  51. What happened to the people who wanted too much money?
  52. What has twisted good men into thwarted worms?
  53. How would his be alone help the boy?
  54. Where are the final decisions taken?
  55. What do children get ready for at the beginning of the story?
  56. How is life on the planet Venus described?
  57. Who is Margot? How is she different from the rest of the children?
  58. What does Margot like the most – the sun or the rain?
  59. Margot could recall what the sun looked like while the other children could not. Why?
  60. How long did the sunshine on Venus?
  61. Why did one of the girls wail?
  62. Why did the lady think she was entitled to walk down the middle of the road?
  63. What would be the consequence of the old lady’s action?
  64. What does the ‘rule of the road’ mean?
  65. Why should individual liberty be curtailed?
  66. How would a reasonable person react when his actions affect another person’s liberty?
  67. What is the foundation of social conduct?
  68. What does the traffic policeman symbolize?


II. Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each:

  1. Describe the appearance of Nicola and Jacopo.
  2. What were the various jobs undertaken by the little boys?
  3. How did the narrator help the boys on Sunday?
  4. Describe the girl with whom the boys were talking in the cubicle.
  5. Did the police officer have sufficient evidence to convict Aksionov?
  6. What impact did the book “The Lives of Saint” have on Aksionov?
  7. Pick out the clues that convey that Makar Semyonich recognized Aksionov.
  8. Detail the statistics Dr. Barnard has provided in his speech.
  9. What happened when the doctor couple was crossing the street?
  10. Dr. Barnard couldn’t find any nobility in suffering. Why?
  11. Why does Dr. Barnard describe the blind boy as a ‘walking horror’?
  12. What were the problems the trolley driver suffered from?
  13. Detail the statistics Dr. Barnard has provided in his speech.
  14. What happened when the doctor couple was crossing the street?
  15. What injuries did they sustain in the accident?
  16. Why does Dr. Barnard find the suffering of children heartbreaking?
  17. Why does Dr. Barnard describe the blind boy as a ‘walking horror’?
  18. What were the problems the trolley driver suffered from?
  19. Who was Fowler? Why did he meet Ausable?
  20. Why was Fowler initially disillusioned with Ausable?
  21. Fowler was thrilled when he entered Ausable’s room. Why?
  22. How did the three men react to the knocking at the door?
  23. What happened to the visitor when he sat on the stool?
  24. What was grandmother’s suggestion of wood? Why?
  25. Why did the family find it difficult to make a chair?
  26. When did the children get over the fear of sitting on the chair?
  27. Why did Maamanaar hand over the chair to the villagers to retain it?
  28. What is the significance of the particular day described in the story “All Summer in a Day”?
  29. What happens to Margot while the teacher is out of the classroom?
  30. How did Margot describe the sun to others?
  31. How did the children react when the sun came out after seven years?
  32. Why did William and the other children bully Margot?
  33. What does the title of the story convey?
  34. What is ‘liberty’ according to the old lady?
  35. How would ‘liberty’ cause universal chaos?
  36. ‘Curtailment of private liberty is done to establish social order’ – Do you agree?


3. Answer the following in a Paragraph of 100-150 words each

  1. What was the driving force that made the boys do various jobs?
  2. How was the family affected by the war?
  3. Write a character sketch of Nicola and Jacopo.
  4. Compare and contrast the main characters, Aksionov and Makar Semyonich.
  5. How did Aksionov react when his wife suspected him?
  6. Describe the life of Aksionov in prison.
  7. Discuss the meaning and importance of the saying “God Sees the Truth But Waits”.
  8. Forgiveness is the best form of revenge. Substantiate the statement with reference to the story.
  9. Using the mind map given below, write a brief summary of the story in your own words.
  10. Describe the reminiscences of the poet, when she sees the casuarina tree.
  11. How does nature communicate with the poet?
  12. The poet immortalizes the tree. Elucidate.
  13. Give an account of the medical problems for which the two boys were hospitalized.
  14. “These two children had given me a profound lesson …” Elucidate.
  15. Describe the ‘Grand Prix’ at Cape Town’s Red Cross Children’s Hospital.
  16. Life is unjust and cruel to certain people. Do they all resign themselves to their fate? Can you think of some who have fought their disabilities heroically and remained a stellar example for others? (for e.g. the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, a paraplegic). Give an account of one such person and his/her struggle to live a fruitful life.
  17. Give an account of the medical problems for which the two boys were hospitalized.
  18. “These two children had given me a profound lesson …” Elucidate.
  19. Describe the ‘Grand Prix’ at Cape Town’s Red Cross Children’s Hospital.
  20. What makes Ulysses seek newer adventures?
  21. List the roles and responsibilities Ulysses assigns to his son Telemachus, while he is away.
  22. What is Ulysses’ clarion call to his sailors? How does he inspire them?
  23. How did Ausable outwit Max?
  24. Describe the significance of the balcony.
  25. Ausable planned to get rid of Max the very moment he noticed him. Explain with supporting evidence from the story.
  26. Do you think physical appearance matters most for a secret agent? Answer giving reasons in the context of the story ‘The Midnight Visitor.’
  27. Narrate the humorous incidents that happened in the author’s home before and after the arrival of the chair.
  28. Explain how the poet guides his son who is at the threshold of manhood, to face the challenges of life.
  29. What is the conflict between Margot and the other children in the story, “All Summer in a day”?
  30. How do the children react to the long awaited event in the story?
  31. What do you infer from Gardiner’s essay ‘On the rule of the Road’?
  32. Explain in your own words, “what freedom means?”.

Write a letter

  1. You had been to your Grandma’s house during the summer holidays. You enjoyed your stay in her company. Write a letter to your Grandma stating how much you miss her after returning to your home.
  2. You are the Head of the English department in a renowned institution. You are invited to preside over the inauguration of the English Literary club in your alma mater. Respond to the letter you have received either accepting the invitation or expressing your inability to attend the function.
  3. Write a letter to the Headmaster of your school requesting him to help you obtain a duplicate mark sheet of class XII, which you lost while traveling.
  4. You wish to become a pilot. Write a letter to a college enquiring about the details of the Pilot training course offered by the college. Include the following details in your inquiry: duration of the course, fee structure, scholarships, hostel facilities, and placement details.
  5. Write a letter to the manager of Waves Furniture Company ordering furniture for a coaching center. Include the following details: description of the furniture, number of pieces, mode of payment, time, and delivery options.

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