You are currently viewing 12th Computer Science Important Questions 2022

12th Computer Science Important Questions 2022

12th Computer Science Important Questions 2022

12th Computer Science Public Exam Important Questions – Reduced Syllabus 2022

12th Standard Computer Science Public Exam Model Question Paper. 12th All Subject Original Question Paper and answer key. 12th CS Free Online Test.

12th Computer Science Important Questions 2022

12th Computer Science Important 2 Marks & 3 Marks

  1. Define Subroutines
  2. Define Function with respect to Programming Language
  3. What is meant by Function Specification?
  4. Define Arguments or Parameters
  5. Define Recursive Function
  6. Write the inference you get from X:=(78).
  7. Define ADT or Define Abstract Data Types
  8. Differentiate Constructors and Selectors?
  9. Identify which of the following are constructors and selectors?
    (a) N1=number() (b) accetnum(n1) (c) displaynum(n1) (d) eval(a/b)
    (e) x,y= makeslope (m), makeslope(n) (f) display()
  10. Define Scope
  11. Define Mapping
  12. Define Namespaces
  13. What is LEGB rule?
  14. Define Algorithm
  15. Who is an Algorist?
  16. What is meant by Algorithm Strategy?
  17. Define Algorithmic Solution
  18. State Algorithm vs Program
  19. What are the two different phases of an Algorithm?
  20. Define Algorithm Analysis
  21. Define Pseudo code.
  22. What is Sorting?
  23. What is Searching? Write its types.
  24. Define Selection Sort
  25. Write the Pseudo code for Selection Sort?
  26. Define Insertion Sort
  27. Write the Pseudo code for Insertion Sort?
  28. What are the Key Features of Python?
  29. What are the two types of Programming in Python?
  30. How to create Scripts in Python?
  31. How to save the Python Scripts?
  32. Define Control Structure or Control Statement
  33. What are the types of Control Structure?
  34. Define Sequential Statement
  35. Define Simple If Statement
  36. Write the Syntax with example for Simple – If?
  37. Define If – Else Statement
  38. Write the Syntax with example for If – Else?
  39. Write the alternate method for If – Else?
  40. What is Iteration Statements or Looping Statements?
  41. Write the Syntax for range ( ) function with example?
  42. Define Nested Loop Structure
  43. List the differences between break and continue statements?
  44. Write a note on Break Statement?
  45. What are Functions?
  46. What are the different types of Functions?
  47. What are the Advantages of Function?
  48. Write the Syntax for User – Defined Function?
  49. Define Block
  50. What is meant by Nested Block?
  51. What are the Advantages of User – Defined Function?
  52. How to pass the parameters in Functions?
  53. Define Parameters and Arguments
  54. What is Anonymous Function or Lambda Function?
  55. What is the use of Lambda or Anonymous Function?
  56. Write the Syntax with Example for Anonymous Function?
  57. Define Return Statement
  58. Write Program to access each character with its negative subscript of a giving string?
  59. Write the General format of replace( ) function with example?
  60. Write a Python Program to check whether the given string is palindrome or not?
  61. How do you modify a string in python?
  62. How will you delete a string in python?
  63. Define the following list functions: a) max() b) min() c) sum()
  64. Define Tuple
  65. What are the Advantages of Tuples over List?
  66. How to Create Tuples?
  67. Write the syntax to create Tuples for n number of elements?
  68. How to Create Tuples using tuple() function?
  69. Define Singleton Tuple
  70. How to access the values in the tuple?
  71. How to Update the Tuple? Give example?
  72. How to Delete the Tuple? Give example?
  73. Define Tuple Assignment
  74. Define Constructor in Python
  75. Define Destructor in Python
  76. Differentiate Private and Public Data Members?
  77. How will you create constructor in Python?
  78. Define Data
  79. Define Information
  80. Define Database
  81. Define DBMS
  82. What are the Advantages of DBMS?
  83. Define SQL
  84. How to Create Database?
  85. What are the Components of SQL?
  86. Define DDL
  87. What are the functions performed by DDL?
  88. What are the SQL Commands which comes under DDL?
  89. Define DML
  90. Define TCL
  91. What are the SQL Commands which comes under TCL?
  92. Define DQL
  93. Define SQL Commands and their functions?
  94. Differentiate Table and Column Constraint?
  95. Differentiate DELETE, TRUNCATE and DROP command?
  96. Define DISTINCT Keyword with SELECT Command
  97. Define ALL Keyword with SELECT Command
  98. Define CSV File
  99. State the difference between Excel and CSV file?
  100. What is the Purpose of CSV file?
  101. What are the ways to read a CSV File
  102. Mention the default modes of the File?
  103. What is use of next() function?
  104. Write the Syntax and explain csv.reader() method?
  105. How to create a CSV file with default delimiter comma?
  106. What is meant by dialect?
  107. How to create a CSV file with Custom Delimiters?
  108. What is the difference between Python and C++?
  109. Define Scripting Language
  110. Define Compiler and Interpreter
  111. What is the difference between Scripting and Programming Languages?
  112. What are the Applications of Scripting Language?
  113. Define Data Visualization
  114. What are the General Types of Data Visualization?
  115. What are the uses of Data Visualization?
  116. Define Scatter Plot
  117. Define Box Plot
  118. Define Line Chart
  119. Define Bar Chart
  120. Define Pie Chart

12th Computer Science Important 5 Marks

  1. What are called Parameters and write a note on
    (i) Parameter without Type (ii) Parameter with Type
  2. Identify in the following program
    let rec gcd a b :=
    if b <> 0 then gcd b (a mod b) else return a
    i) Name of the function
    ii) Identify the statement which tells it is a recursive function
    iii) Name of the argument variable
    iv) Statement which invoke the function recursively
    v) Statement which terminates the recursion
  3. How will you facilitate data abstraction? Explain it with a suitable example?
  4. Explain the types of Variable Scope or LEGB with Examples?
  5. Explain the Characteristics of an Algorithm?
  6. Discuss about Linear search algorithm.
  7. What is Binary search? Discuss with example.
  8. Explain the Bubble sort algorithm with example.
  9. Describe in detail the procedure Script mode programming.
  10. Explain input() and print() functions with examples.
  11. Discuss in detail about Tokens in Python
  12. Explain the While Loop with Example?
  13. Write a detail note on for loop
  14. Write a detail note on if..else..elif statement with suitable
  15. Explain the different types of function with an example.
  16. Explain the scope of variables with an example.
  17. Write a Python code to find the L.C.M. of two numbers?
  18. What the different ways to insert an element in a list. Explain with suitable example.
  19. What is the purpose of range( )? Explain with an example.
  20. What is nested tuple? Explain with an example.
  21. Explain the different set operations supported by python with suitable example?
  22. What are the Components of DBMS?
  23. Tabulate the different mode with its meaning.
  24. Write the different methods to read a File in Python.
  25. Write a Python program to write a CSV File with custom quotes.
  26. Write the rules to be followed to format the data in a CSV file.
  27. What is the purpose of sys,os,getopt module in Python?
  28. Write the syntax for getopt() and explain its arguments and return values?
  29. What are the commonly used interfaces for importing C++ program into Python?
  30. Define MinGW Interface
  31. How to execute C++ program through Python?
  32. What is the Syntax to execute the Python Program?
  33. Explain in detail the types of pyplots using Matplotlib.
  34. Explain the various buttons in a matplotlib window.
  35. Explain the purpose of the following functions:
    a. plt.xlabel
    b. plt.ylabel
    c. plt.title
    d. plt.legend()

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