12th English Revision Test Important Questions

12th English Revision Test Important Questions

12th English Revision Test Important Questions

TN 12th English Revision Test Important Questions. TN 12th Standard English Reduced Syllabus First Revision and Second Revision Test Syllabis Important Questions 2021-2022. 1st Revision Test Time Table and Syllabus. also TN GOV Released the 2nd Revision Time table and syllabus. 12th Samacheer Kalvi Full Guide. HSC SECOND YEAR Tamil 1st Revision Important Questions. 12th English Free Online Test.

12th English Revision Test Important Questions

HSC 12th English Important Questions

12th English Important 2 Marks

1. What were the various jobs undertaken by the little boys?

2. Describe the appearance of Nicola and Jacopo?

3. What made the boys join the resistance movement against the Germans?

4. The boys did not spend much on clothes and food. Why?

5. What is the importance of Aksionov’s wife’s dream?

6. What were the circumstances that led to Aksionov’s imprisonment?

7. What was Aksionov’s realization by the end of the story?

8. Mrs. Selvi said to me. “I was very ill last week, but I am better now (change into indirect speech)

9. The hunter said to his friend, “Did you hear the roar of a lion?” (change into indirect speech)

10. Jim requested me to lend him my pen (change into direct speech)

11. Who did the narrator meet at the outskirts of Verona?

12. Why did the author avoid going to Lucia’s room?

13. What was Lucia suffering from?

14. How did the narrator help the boys on Sunday?

15. Describe the appearance of Nicola and Jacopo.

16. Which tea does the author prefer- china tea or Indian tea?.

17. Why does the author advise removing cream from the milk?

(i) Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer any four of the following:

1. Like a huge python,winding round and round
The rugged trunk, indented deep with scars.
a)What is compared to a python?
b) What does poet talk about here?

2.‘ They have their exists and their entrance‟
a) What do‘ exits‘ and entrances‘ denote?
b) Identify the figure of speech in the above line.

3. At first the infant,
Mewling and paking in the nurse‟s arms
Then the whining school-boy, with his satchel
a) How is the life of a person like an infant?
b) How does a schoolboy appear?

4. Little remains; but every hour is saved
From that eternal silence, something more,
A bringer of new things; and vile it were
a) How is every hour important to Uiysses?
b) What does the term ̳Little remains‘ convey?

5. And far and near kokilas hail the day;
And to their pastures wend our sleepy cows;
a) What do Kokilas do?
b) Who stroll to their pastures?

6. This is my son, mine own Telemactus,
To whom I leave the scepter and the isle–.
a) Who does Ulysses entrust his kingdom to in his absence?
b) Bring out the significance of the sceptre.

7. Our gates were strong, our walls were thick,
So smooth and high, no man could win.
a) How safe was the castle?
b) What was the firm belief of the soldiers?

8. All Through the summer at ease we lay
And daily from the turret wall.
a) Who does we refer to ?
b) How did the soldiers spend the summer?

9. For what, we thought, had we to fear
With our arms and provender, load on load.
a) what do you mean by provender?
b) Did they actually fear anything?

10. There was a little private gate.
A little wicked wicket gate.
a) where was the little private gate?
b) Mention the figure of speech employed in the line?

11. We could do nothing being sold;
Our only enemy was gold,
a) Who was their enemy?
b) Identify the figure of speech in the above lines.

12th English Important 3 Marks

1. What were the various jobs undertaken by the little boys?

2.. When and where did the accident occur?

3. What happened to the visiter when he sat on the stool?

4. Our only enemy is gold

5. Our captain was brave and we were true.

6. What is the second golden rule in the preparation of the tea?

7. What did Hillary find in a tiny hallow?

8. Expand the following news headlines;
a) Robber caught red handed by the public.
b) Diabetic day celebrated with free check-up.
c) Hima wins Gold for India.

9. Describe the process of preparing a flowerbouquet.

10. Write a dialogue between a Customer and a Shopkeeper.

11. Choose the correct option and complete the proverb.
a)When one door shuts, another —————.
(i) closes (ii) opens (iii) locks (iv)knocks
b) No bees, no honey, no work, no ________
(i) pain (ii) money (iii) gain (iv)happiness
c) A man is known by the _________ be keeps.
(i) friends (ii) company (iii) neighbour (iv) relatives

12. Describe the appearance of Nicola and Jacopo.

13. What were the various jobs undertaken by the little boys?

14. What was Lucia suffering from?

15. Our gates were strong, Our walls were thick,

16. What were the jobs undertaken by Nicola and Jacoco?

17. What was Lucia suffering from?

18. Who did the narrator meet at the outskirts of Verona?

12th English Important 5 Marks

1. Justify the little of the story “Two gentlemen of Verona”

2. Discuss the meaning and importance of the saying “God sees the truth but waits”

3. Write a letter to the Headmaster of your school requesting him to help you obtain a duplicate mark sheet of dass XII, which you lost while travelling.

4. Bring out the message of the poem “The Castle” .

5. Describe the capture of the Castle.

6. Compare and contrast the main characters, Aksionov and Makar Semyonich, in the story.

7. Forgiveness is the best form of revenge. Substantiate the statement with reference to the story.

8. Summarise George Orwell’s distinctive ideas in “A Nice Cup Of Tea”.

9. Discuss the meaning and importance of the saying
“God sees the truth but waits”

10. Water is elixier of life” Explain this through pi’s story.

11. Write a character sketch of Nicola and Jacopo.

12. What message is conveyed through the story ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’?

13. Justify the title of the story― Two Gentle men of Verona.

14. Narrate the humorous incidents that happened in the author‘s home before and after the arrived of the chair.

15. What is Ulysses clarion call to his sailors? How does he inspire them?

16. Describe the various stages of a man‘s life picturised in the poem “All the World‘s a Stage”.

17. Human greed led to the mighty fall of the Citadel in the poem””The Castle”.- Explain,

18. Write the summary of the story “God sees the truth but waits”

19. Write a letter to the headmaster of your school requesting him to help you obtain a duplicate mark sheet of class XII, which you lost while travelling

20. Write a paragraph on “ Online Education”

21. How safe was the castle? How was it conquered?

22. “The Castle” is an allegorical poem. Discuss

23. Compare and contrast the main characters Aksionov and Makar Semyonich in the story.

24.  Forgiveness is the best form of revenge. Substantiate the statement with reference to the story “God sees the truth but Waits”

1. Write a summary (or) make notes of the following:

1. We have to use energy sources wisely and economically to conserve them. Vehicles that do not use petrol or diesel can be used to designed. Water and wind power can be used to generate electricity. Energy can be produced from plant and animal waste.Biogas can be used cooking. Electricity can be produced using windmills, The light and heat of thesun can be converted in to electricity.

2. Write a paragraph about 150 words by Developing the following hints:
Ausable – secret agent – important paper – Fowler thrilled – Max – pistol – wanted report – Ausable
– fabricated story – balcony – knocking – befooled Max – jumps – died.

3. Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov – merchant – lived in Vladimir – singer such has faith – freedom – dream –had returned – grey hair – bad omen – imprisoned – the merchant – 26 years – any crime – grew old – all his hope – bought the book – church – lessons and song – choir – called him ―Grandfather‖ – liked him –truth – Maker – escape – forgave him.

2. Write a summary (or) make notes of the following passage.

Languages are of different kinds-spoken languages, written language, sign language, code language, body language, Braille or language of the blind, and the more recent ones being the machine language and the computer language. Many languages have a long history. The Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Chinese and the Indians are among those, whose languages are centuries old. The number of languages used in verbal communication is extremely large. It is said that there are as many as 3500 identified languages throughout the world. Although this is true of the spoken language, the number of written languages is much lower, with one estimate placing it at not more than 500. Within a language there are sub –languages that are called dialects. A dialect is a form of speech peculiar to a district, class or persons. It is a subordinate variety of a language with distinguishable vocabulary, pronunciation or idioms.

3. Read the following advertisement and prepare a Resume/Bio-data/CV fulfilling The conditions specified. ( Write xxx for your name, and yyy for your address)


Kindergarten Head Master
Having school experience with English fluency is preferable. Salary & Perks as per
qualification & experience. Fresher‘s can also apply. Interested candidates may send their
CV with Passport size photo to the email or address mentioned below within 7 days.
The Principal
Gandhi Vidyalaya
(An International Standard CBSE School)

492, Kamaraj Road,

Chennai – 600011.

4. Read the following ADVERTISEMENT AND PREPARE A BIO-DATA considering yourself fulfilling the conditions specified. Write XXXX for the name and YYYY for the address


Receptionist - Graduate with computer knowledge/good fluency

In English/minimum 3 years of experience
Apply to: Post Box No -2510
C/o. The Hindu
Coimbatore – 641 601.

5. Read the following sentences, spot the error and correct them.

a) A group of twelve students are travelling together.
b) Though he was poor, but he was honest.
c) Ramesh went to abroad.
d)A honest man is always respected.
e)If they had contacted me, I would help them..

6. Spot the Errors.

a) The news are good.
b) Не goes to school on bus.
c) He prefers coffee than tea.
d) She has been working for 8.00a.m.
e) Having finished his work and he went home.

7. Read the following passage and answer in your own words.

The Mettur dam is a large dam in India built in 1934. It was constructed on a gorge, where
the river Kaveri enters the plains. The dam is one of the oldest in India. It provides irrigation facilities to a part of Salem, the length of Erode, Namakkal, Karur, Tiruchirapalli and Thanjavur. The Mettur hydro Electric Power Project is also quite large. The dam, the park, power stations and hills make Mettur a tourist attraction.

a) What is a gorge? ________
a) town b) Village c) Valley d) Church
b) What are the districts which get irrigation from the dam?
c) Is the Mettur Dam a place of tourist attraction?
d) When was the Mettur dam built?
e) Say True or False. Coal is used to generate Hydro Electric Power.

8. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

A patriot is a man who loves his country, works for it, and is willing to fight and die for it, Every soldier is bound to do his duty, but the best Soldiers do more than this. They risk their lives because they love the country they are fighting for. They love its hills and valleys, its cities and villages, it’s people and their way of life and they are -willing to defend it to the last against enemies who try to conquer it and destroy it.

a) “Risk’ means (i) miss, (ii) in lose (iii) endanger (iv) meet
b) who is a patriot?
c) what do the best soldiers do?
d) why do they risk their lives ?
e) what do they love?

1.  Write a letter to the Inspector of Police reporting theft of your Mobile phone.

2. Write a dialogue between two friends about the NSS Camp which they are going to attend.

3.  Fill in the blanks

a) The child …………….the doll ……………… the window (through / threw)
b) You …………….. not prepare all the topics. (fill in the blank with semi modal )
c) I wish you……. tell me the truth ( fill in the blank with modal verb)
d) My mother was tired yesterday because she ……….. ( not sleep ) well the night before.
( fill in the blank with tense )


(i) Everyone ________ (sleep) when the earthquake hit the small town. [use the correct tense]
(ii) We __ (see) a wonderful film at the last night. [use the correct verb]
(iii) You _________ be joking. [use a suitable modal verb]
(iv) My grandmother __________ visit this temple when he was young. [use suitable semi modal verb]
(v) How ____ you open my bag?. [use suitable quasi modal verb]

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