You are currently viewing 5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 3 The Guardians of the Nation

5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 3 The Guardians of the Nation

Tamil Nadu 5th Standard English Book Back Solution | The Guardians of the Nation | Lesson 3-1

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5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 3 The Guardians of the Nation



Amar Jawan Jyoti (n) : an Indian memorial constructed after the India – Pakistani war of 1971.

Battle (n) : a fight between armies or groups of people.

Weapon (n) : an object that is used for fighting or attacking.

Mahavir Chakra (n) : the second highest military reward in India.

Soldier (n) : a person who serves in an army.


  • munching – eating something steadily
  • wreath – flowers arranged in a ring, for lying on a grave
  • ceremony – a formal event to celebrate an anniversary
  • memorial – a structure established to remind of a person or event
  • intervened – interrupt a conversation
  • sacrifices – giving up something more valuable
  • infected – contaminated with harmful things
  • guarding – to watch over to protect or control
  • remember – recall
  • surprise – amaze
  • poured in – Come in large numbers

Let Us Understand

A. Choose the best answer

1. Karumugilan went to _______ for higher studies.

  1. London
  2. Australia
  3. USA
  4. NewZealand

Ans : USA

2. _______ broke out in the near by villages.

  1. malaria
  2. cholera
  3. dengu
  4. flu

Ans : dengu

3. He got _______ the disease.

  1. infected by
  2. cured off
  3. upset
  4. remedy for

Ans : infected by

4. The villagers built a _______ on his memory.

  1. statue
  2. memorial
  3. library
  4. hospital

Ans : hospital

B. Fill in the blanks.

  1. They ate a bowl of _____________ .Ans : chickpea sundal
  2. ___________ is the memorial for the soldiers.Ans : Amar Jawan Joti
  3. Flag day is observed on ____________ Ans : 7th December
  4. A ____________ dies for the nation.Ans : Soldier
  5. ______________ was a young talented doctorAns : Karmugilan

C. Answer the following questions.

1. What were Anandhan and Yazhini watching in the television?

  • Anandhan and Yazhini were watching wreath laying ceremony in the television.

2. What is Amar Jawan Jothi?

  • It is a memorial for the soldiers who died for our country.

3. What did Anandhan want to become?

  • Anandhan wanted to become a doctor.

4. Why did Yazhini want to join the military?

  • Yazhini wanted to serve the nation. So she wanted to join the military.

5. What happened to Dr.Karumugilan in the story?

  • Dr. Karumugilan served the people who were infected with dengue. Finally he was also affected and died.

6. What was the epidemic that broke out in the story?

  • Dengue was the epidemic that broke out in the story.


1. When is flag day observed?

  • Flag day is observed on 7th December.

2. What did Karumugilan’s parent think of him?

  • They thought he would live in the USA and continue his practise.

3. What is the real service to the nation?

  • We should treat everyone around us with love and respect. That is the real service to the nation.


Let Us Build

We divide the words to pronounce them easier. Here are some tips to divide.


A. Circle and divide the bulldog pattern words.

Ca/t Sun/set
Fat/her   Sky/blue
    Bur/ger     Gold/fish



B. Divide and list out the words under each pattern



























C. Write some pattern words and divide them pattern words and divide them.

  • icecream – ice / crea
  • blackboard – black / board
  • cardboard – card / board
  • carefree – care / free

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