You are currently viewing 5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 The Farmer and his Daughters

5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 The Farmer and his Daughters

5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 The Farmer and his Daughters

5th Standard English Book Back Answers Term 1 – Lesson 2 Supplementary: The Farmer and his Daughters

5th Standard English Samacheer kalvi Guide Term 1 Lesson 2 Supplementary: The Farmer and his Daughters Book Back Question and Answers download pdf. 5th All Subject Book Back Question & Answers. Class 5 Prose, Poem, Supplementary Book Back Question answers. 5th English All Subject Text Book PDF.

5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 The Farmer and his Daughters


  • distribute – give a share
  • responsibility – power
  • millet – a cereal grown in warm countries
  • sacred – holy
  • harvest – yield
  • wisely – cleverly
  • apt – correct
  • reply – answer
  • sow plant

Let Us Understand

A. Match the following.


    B. Fill in the blanks.

(feed, three, millet)

  1. The farmer had _____________ daughters.Ans : three
  2. He offered ___________ to his daughters.Ans : millet
  3. The second daughter ____________ to a flock of birdsAns : fed

C. Answer the questions.

1. What did the father give to all the daughters?

  • The father gave all the daughter a bag of millet

2. What did the first daughter do?

  • The first daughter fed the grains to flocks of birds.

3. How did the second daughter use the grain?

  • The second daughter mixed the grains with other grains kept for community service.

4. How did the third daughter use the grain?

  • The third daughter sowed the grains.

5. Who is the wisest of all?

  • The third daughter is the wisest of all.


1. What did the second daughter think of grains?

  • The second daughter thought that those grains were sacred.

2. How many bullets did the third Daughter need?

  • The third daughter needed two bullocks.

D. Try your own.


E. Speak and win.

Pick and support any one of the three daughters. Say some sentences for the one you support and say some sentences against the other two to win.

don’t support the first daughter because …….

don’t support the second daughter because …….

I support the third daughter because …….


She is foolish and threw away the grains as waste

She used the grains unwisely and wasted it.

She is wise and used the grains wisely

Let Us Read Aloud

Read the passage three times and colour a bull for each time.

Mr. Murugan is a farmer. He has a small piece of land and two bulls. He takes good care of his bulls as they help him in farming. Every morning, he takes the bulls for grazing. When it rains he ploughs the land with the bulls. As he has no one to help he starts sowing the seed before sunrise. He irrigates the crop till it grows. He reaps and binds the crop then takes it to thrash the paddy. Finally, with the help of the bulls he takes the paddy to his house.

A. Circle the main idea of the passage.

  1. Murugan was a miser.
  2. Murugan loved his bulls and farming.
  3. Murugan wished to have people to work.

Ans : Murugan loved his bulls and farming.

B. Name the actions of Murugan









Let Us Write

My Autobiography

Make the children write their own story, following questions will help them to write. Ask them to gather from their parents before writing and ask them to give a title.

  1. When were you born?
  2. Where were you born?
  3. What is your father’s name and what is he?
  4. What is your mother’s name and what is she?
  5. What is your birth order?
  6. Do you have any nickname, if yes, reason for that?
  7. An interesting incident that happened in your life.


  1. I was born in May 1,2010.
  2. I was born in Tirunelveli.
  3. My father’s name is R. Arunachalam. He is a Farmer.
  4. My mother’s name is A. Kalaiammal, She is a Farmer.
  5. I am the first child of my parent.
  6. I am called kutty because I look small and cute
  7. My father took me to Tiruchendur once. There I got lost. Then through the announcement done by audio system, I was identified and reunited with my parents.

I Can Do

A. Look at the picture and answer the following.

Name of the object Pebbles

In your mother tongu கூழாகற்கள்

Use in a sentence Pebbles are found in rivers

B. Circle the correct plural form.















B. Circle the correct plural form.


tooth     teeth

knife      Knives

E. Match the rhyming words.

  1. health a. charm
  2. hook b. wealth
  3. harm c. look

Ans : 1 – b, 2 – c, 3 – a

F. Write the correct forms for the past continuous tense.

  1. She ____________ the homework at 6 ‘o’ clock. (write)Ans : was writing
  2. They __________ when I arrived there. (play)Ans : were playing
  3. I ___________ while he was singing. (dance)Ans : was dancing

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