You are currently viewing 5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 Farmer’s Friend

5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 Farmer’s Friend

5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 Farmer’s Friend

5th Standard English Book Back Answers Term 1 – Lesson 2 Poem: Farmer’s Friend

5th Standard English Samacheer kalvi Guide Term 1 Lesson 2 Prose: Farmer’s Friend Book Back Question and Answers download pdf. 5th All Subject Book Back Question & Answers. Class 5 Prose, Poem, Supplementary Book Back Question answers. 5th English All Subject Text Book PDF.

5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 2 Farmer’s Friend


  • filth – dirt,ugly
  • ploughs – tills
  • humble – not proud
  • toils – work extremely hard
  • harm – making physical injury
  • hooks – curved material used to catch or hold things
  • praise – appreciate

A. Match the following.

  1. filth – a. farmer
  2. cook – b. harm
  3. charm – c. wealth
  4. armour – d. look

Ans : 1 – b, 2 – a, 3 – d, 4 – c


B. Answer the following questions.

  1. It ploughs soil before _________.Ans : farmer
  2. It is used in the fisher’s _________.Ans : hooks
  3. We don’t use _________ in the soil.Ans : chemicals
  4. Be humble like a _________.Ans : worm

C. Answer the questions.

1. How do we see the earthworm often?

  • We see the earthworm often as filth

2. What does it give to the farmer?

  • It gives the farmer a reward of wealth.

3. Why don’t we use chemicals?

  • We don’t use chemicals because it ploughs soil before farmer

4. How do we work?

  • We work without thinking anyone harm.


1. What does earthworm give to the soil?

  • Earthworm gives soil good health.

2. Where does earthworm toil?

  • The earthworm toils on fishing hooks

Let Us Know

Continuous tense is a category of verb tenses. Here we will see the past continuous tense. You all know forms of verbs. Those are

The present participle form is used in past continuous tense with auxiliaries was and were. Come let us use it.

I was going to house.

You were going to house.

He was going to house.

We were going to house.

She was going to house.

They were going to house.

It was going to house.

In the above examples you can see, the main action is in present participle

form for all the subjects and the auxiliary alone changes.

was’ is used for I, he, she and it

were’ is used for you, we and they.

Give the correct verb form for following sentences.


was reading the poem.

They _______________ (write) the poem.

Ans : was writing

It _______________(go) to Delhi.

Ans : was gowing

She _______________ (draw) a picture.

Ans : was drawing

We _______________ (eat) fruits.

Ans : was eating

He _______________ (watch) movie.

Ans : was Watching

You _______________ (make) lunch.

Ans : were making

Let us see when to use the past continuous tense.

At some point in the past.

Parallel Actions.

Interrupted action in the past.

Write what they were doing at 5 ‘o’ clock yesterday.

  1. I ______________ cricket with my friends. Ans : was playing
  2. My mother ______________ the TV.Ans : was watching
  3. We ______________ mango.Ans : were eating
  4. My friends ______________ their bicycles.Ans : were riding
  5. Mohan ______________ a letter.Ans : was writing
  6. The bell ______________ loudlyAns : was ringing


While I was writing, he _____________.

Ans : was sleeping

While the boy was playing, the girl _____________.

Ans : was reading

While my mother was cooking, my father _____________.

Ans : was chopping


Now, we are going to see the future continuous tense. You all know forms of verbs. Those are

I will be going to house.

You will be going to house.

He will be going to house.

We will be going to house.

She will be going to house.

They will be going to house.

It will be going to house.

In the above examples you can see, the main action is in present participle form and the auxiliary is ‘will be’ for all the subjects.

Give the correct verb form for following sentences.


will be waiting for you.

They ______ (come).

Ans : will be coming

It ______ (play).

Ans : will be playing

She ______ (swim)

Ans : will be swimming

We ______ (drink).

Ans : will be drinking

He ______ (do).

Ans : will be doing

You ______ (take) leave.

Ans : will be taking


How to use the future continuous tense.

Uma’s family is going on a holiday. Write what they will be doing there.

  1. Uma will be swimming.
  2. Her brother will be playing.
  3. Her brother will be climbing.
  4. Her father will be playing music.
  5. Her mother will be catching fish.
  6. Her brother will be shooting pictures.


Change the sentences from past continuous to future continuous.

1. She was waiting for bus.

Ans : She will be waiting for bus

2. They were going to Coimbatore.

Ans : They will be going to Coimbatore.

3. Suresh was playing chess.

Ans : Suresh will be playing chess

4. Rafiq was eating breakfast.

Ans : Rafiq will be eating breakfast.

5. Prasanth was reading newspaper.

Ans : Prasanth will be reading newspaper.

Change the sentences from future continuous to past continuous.

1. I will be speking to her.

Ans : I was speking to her.

2. Lucy will be getting ready.

Ans : Lucy was getting ready.

3. The train will be arriving on 2nd platform.

Ans : The train was arriving on 2nd platform.

4. We will be sleeping in terrace.

Ans : We were sleeping in terrace.

5. It will be raining heavily.

Ans : It was raining heavily.

Let Us Listen

Kothai : Hai Akshaya, how are you?

Akshaya : Hello Kothai I am fine and what about you?

Kothai : I am also fine, okay meet me brother Varun.

Akshaya : Nice to meet you, Varun.

Varun : Nice to meet you too.

Akshaya : What are you studying, Varun?

Varun : I am studying 2nd standard.

Kothai : He is here to play kho-kho with us.

Akshaya : oh! He is always welcome. I take him in my team.

Circle yes or no to the following.

  1. Three persons are involved in the dialogueAns : Yes
  2. Varun is studying 4th standardAns : No
  3. Akshaya is Varun’s sisterAns : No
  4. They play Kho-KhoAns : Yes
  5. Varun plays in Kothai teamAns : No

Let Us Speak

Son : Ma… I am home. Where are you?

Mother : I am in the kitchen.

Son : I am so hungry. What is there to eat?

Mother : I have made your favorite kozhukattai.

Son : Wow! Where is it? Where is kozhukattai?

Mother : It is there. But you look dirty, go and freshen up.

Son : I wash my hands later. first, you give it to me.

Mother : No! Go and change your uniform.

Son : Ma, I have changed my uniform. Now give me the delicious kozhukattai.

Mother : Good boy, now you can have it.

Son : The kozhukattai is yummy. Thank you ma.

Mother : You are welcome.

Structures that are useful for this situation.

I feel hungry.

You need to freshen up.

Go and wash your face.

Don’t spill the food.

I want something to eat.

Can I have some snacks?

Wash your hands.

Do your home work.


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