You are currently viewing 5th English Guide Term 3 Lesson 3 The Case of The Missing Water

5th English Guide Term 3 Lesson 3 The Case of The Missing Water

5th English Guide Term 3 Lesson 3 The Case of The Missing Water

TN 5th Standard English Term 3 Lesson 3 Supplementary: The Case of The Missing Water  Book Back Answers

5th Standard English Samacheer kalvi Guide Term 3 Lesson 3 Supplementary The Case of The Missing Water Book Back Question and Answers download pdf. 5th All Subject Book Back Question & Answers. Class 5 Prose, Poem, Supplementary Book Back Question answers. 5th English All Subject Text Book PDF.

5th English Guide Term 3 Lesson.3.3 Supplementary: My Duties – The Case of The Missing Water

My Little Pictionary

A. Fill in the blanks.

1. The tank in Divya’s village was almost ________.

  1. full
  2. dry
  3. half full

Ans : dry

2. Divya loved solving ________ .

  1. problem
  2. sums
  3. mysteries

Ans : mysteries

3. Divya and Rani decided to draw a ________.

  1. goat
  2. mountain
  3. map

Ans : map

4. Elephants were visiting ________ field.

  1. paddy
  2. ragi
  3. sugar cane

Ans : sugar cane

5. Rani thought of herself as a ________ engineer.

  1. civil
  2. mechanical
  3. sanitary

Ans : sanitary

B. Answer the following questions

1. Why did Manju’s parents leave the village?

  • Manju’s parents left the village because there was no water.

2. What kind of water did Divya use to brush her teeth?

  • Divya used to brush her teeth with muddy tank water.

3. What did Rani want to become?

  • Rani wanted to become a sanitary engineer in future.

4. Where did the tanker man take the water from village?

  • The tanker man took the water from village that was below the pond.

5. Do you think it is okay for tanker to take water? Why?

  • No, It is not right for tanker to take water, because the water resource may get affected easily and quickly.


1. For what Ammachi began to pray?

  • Ammachi began to pray for rain.

2. How was the tank?

  • It was cracked and dusty.

3. In which period Divya ran out of school?

  • In the middle of Environmental Studies class, She turned and ran out of school.

C. Try your own

D. Speak and win.

  • Join in any group. Support or oppose using 4 to 5 sentences to win.

I support Divya because she cares for environment she tried to stop water theft and succeeded in that

I oppose the tanker man. He stole water and sold it to others. He should be punished.

Let Us Read Aloud

Read the passage three times and colour a dustbin for each time.

I am Mani. I have to take a bus to nearby city. I crossed the road to reach the bus stand. I got the bus and sat down and took out a book to read. Before I started to read, I just looked at the people around me. The two men sitting next to me were talking loudly. Some were listening music on their phone. I was unable to focus on reading. The men were talking about cleaning the city. As they were talking, they opened a pack of biscuits to eat. After some time I dozed off. When I opened my eyes, the bus had reached the city. The two men were not there but pieces of the biscuits and wrappers were there. I cleaned the wrappers and put them in the dustbin.

1. What did Mani take out?

  • Mani took out a book to read.

2. What did Mani find on the seat when he woke up?

  • When he opened his eyes, the bus had the reached the city.

3. If you were Mani, what would you do?

  • I would ask fellow passengers not to litter

I Can Do

A. Answer the followingThe Case of The Missing Water – Answer the following

Name of the object

In your mother tongue

Use in a sentence



Trucks are used to carry heavy loads.

B. Write the animals and their young ones


C. Match the rhyming word.

  1. green – a. can
  2. society – b. care
  3. man – c. clean
  4. welfare – d. inability

Ans : 1 – c, 2 – d, 3 – a, 4 – b

D. Recite the poem with correct intonation.

E. Choose the correct one show post perfect tense.

1. We ________ (see) the movie last week.

  1. have seen
  2. saw
  3. had seen

Ans : had seen

2. I ________ (meet) him before.

  1. had met
  2. meet
  3. have met

Ans : had met

F. Choose the correct one to show future perfect tense.

1. I ________ (finish) this book.

  1. had finished
  2. have finished
  3. will have finished

Ans : will have finished

2. By this time tomorrow, we ________ (arrive) in Chennai.

  1. will have arrived
  2. have arrived
  3. would have arrived

Ans : will have arrived

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