You are currently viewing 5th social Science Guide Term 1 Lesson 3 Good Citizen

5th social Science Guide Term 1 Lesson 3 Good Citizen

5th Social Science Guide Term 1 Lesson 3 Good Citizen

5th Social Science Solutions Term 1 Chapter 3 Good Citizen

5th Standard Social Science Book Back and Additional Question and answers Term 1 Lesson 3 Good Citizen Book in answers download pdf. 5th Social Science Samacheer kalvi guide English Medium Download answers. 5th All Subject Test Book download. 5th Tamil Medium Guide. Class 5 All Subject Book Back Answers.    

5th Social Science Guide Good Citizen Text Book Back Questions and Answers


I. Fill in the blanks.

  1. Man is a ________.Answer: social animal
  2. The word civic means ________ of a nation. Answer: citizen
  3. The aim of education is to change a person into a ________.Answer: valuable person
  4. ________ is the basic value for every individual. Answer: Personal value
  5. Always be ________ in discharging duty. Answer: punctual

II. Match the following.

5th social Science Guide Term 1 Lesson 3 Good Citizen


  1. (e)
  2. (a)
  3. (d)
  4. (c)
  5. (b)

5th Social Science Guide Term 1 Lesson 3 Good Citizen

III. Answer the following:

1. Define the term Citizen.


  • The term citizen means an inhabitant of a particular country, enjoying various rights and executing his duties.

2. List out any five personal values.


  1. Being Honest
  2. Help others
  3. Love all living beings
  4. Always speak the truth
  5. Help Elders and poor.

3. Write a short note on cultural values.


  • Becoming well mannered and cultured is an essence of society.
  • Irrespective of language and religion people live together in harmony. This helps to maintain cultural values.
  • We are all humans. We must live together as brothers and sisters.

4. What are the social values?


  • Maintain good relations with people.
  • Respect elders
  • Respect nature
  • Be tolerant
  • Maintain friendship.

5. What are disciplinary values?


  • Punctuality
  • Involvement
  • Treating everyone as equal
  • Doing work on time
  • Holding your morals.


IV. Answer in detail:

1. Write about the constitutional values.


The Constitutional values are,

  • Safeguard the public properties
  • Maintain the unity and integrity of the Nation
  • Develop Scientific attitude
  • Protect the natural resources
  • Care for the environment
  • Develop patriotism.

2. Write any five factors that enrich good values.


The factors that enriches good values are,

  • Literacy
  • Creating awareness and interests
  • Trying hard till success
  • One’s own evaluation

Try These:

  1. We show _____________ to all living beings.Answer:Love
  2. Help the poor with ____________.Answer:generosity
  3. ____________ is the best policy.Answer:Honesty
  4. The best relationship is ____________.Answer:friendship
  5. We show ____________ to our guests.Answer:hospitality
  6. We show ____________ to those who suffer.Answer:mercy
  7. Always speak the ____________.Answer:truth
  8. We must maintain ____________ in public.Answer:peace

Try These

  1. What is your mother tongue ? ____________Answer:Tamil
  2. ____________ is the best policy.Answer:Honesty
  3. Main food of North India is ____________.Answer:Wheat
  4. ____________ is the main food of south India.Answer:Rice
  5. How many languages do you know? ____________Answer:2


  1. Grow trees to get______________ .Answer: rainfall
  2. Millions benefit if they live ______________.Answer: peacefully
  3. United we ______________ divided we fall.Answer: stand

Circle the good values given above:

5th social Science Guide Term 1 Lesson 3 Good Citizen
5th social Science Guide Term 1 Lesson 3 Good Citizen



Match the Following:




5th Social Science Guide Good Citizen Additional Questions and Answers

I. Fill in the blanks.

  1. _____________ is the best policy.Answer:Honesty
  2. Good values ore classified into ____________ types.Answer:foul
  3. ___________ values ore love, generosity, mercy etc.,Answer:Personal
  4. ____________ values include indiscriminate society and various cultural features.Answer:Cultural
  5. ____________ is an important feature of social values.Answer:Mannerism
  6. To protect equality is the soul of ____________ value.Answer:disciplinary

II. Match the following:



  1. (d)
  2. (a)
  3. (b)
  4. (c)

III. Answer the following Questions:

1. What are the five senses?


  1. Sight
  2. Hearing
  3. Smell
  4. Taste
  5. Touch

2. What are the types of Good values?


3. What are Personal values?


  • Personal value is the basic value for every individual. We must bring out the hidden values of a person that they acquire from their experiences. This leads to their overall development.

4. What are the factors that affect our values?


There are some factors that effect our values :

  1. Extreme faith in religion leads to communalism.
  2. Don’t break the queue/rules.
  3. Spitting and dumping garbage anywhere.
  4. Polluting land and water.


IV. Answer the detail:

1. What are the steps we need to follow to stay healthy?


  1. Wakeup early in the morning
  2. Brush your teeth
  3. Have a bath
  4. Wear clean clothe
  5. Wear slippers/shoes
  6. Trim hair and cut the nails
  7. Wash hands before and after meals.

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