You are currently viewing 5th Social Science Guide Term 1 Lesson 2 Towards History

5th Social Science Guide Term 1 Lesson 2 Towards History

5th Social Science Guide Term 1 Lesson 2 Towards History

5th Social Science Solutions Term 1 Chapter 2 Towards History

5th Standard Social Science Book Back and Additional Question and answers Term 1 Lesson 2 Towards History Book in answers download pdf. 5th Social Science Samacheer kalvi guide English Medium Download answers. 5th All Subject Test Book download. 5th Tamil Medium Guide. Class 5 All Subject Book Back Answers.    

5th Social Science Guide Towards History Text Book Back Questions and Answers


I. Choose the best Answer:

1. Palaeolithic humans,

(a) Wore cotton clothes

(b) Wore woolen clothes.

(c) Wore leaves and skin of animals

Answer:(c) Wore leaves and skin of animals

2. ________ was the first pet animal of man.

(a) Cow

(b) Horse

(c) Dog

Answer:(c) Dog

3. What was the first metal discovered by early human?

(a) Iron

(b) Copper

(c) Gold

Answer:(b) Copper

II. Fill in the blanks.

  1. Early man lived in ________.Answer: caves and holes of big tree
  2. The Stone Age is the period in which Stones were used as________ .Answer:weapons
  3. ________ was used to produce fire.Answer: Scratching two stones
  4. ________ is the first scientific invention of man. Answer: Stone wheels
  5. At the end of New Stone Age, ________ was invented. Answer:Copper

III. Answer the following.

1. What is Stone Age?


  • Stone age is a period in which stones were used as weapons.

2. Write a short note on Nomadic Life.


  • Early humans did not know to grow crops.
  • They wandered in all the landscapes in search of food.
  • They ate whatever they got and drank water from natural sources.
  • This kind of life was called nomadic life.

3. Define Neolithic age.


  • Man used bones, horns, stones, skin, branches of trees and sticks as their tools and weapons. This stage of development in history was called New stone age or Neolithic age.

4. Write a short note on Pottery.


  • Pottery was also one of the greatest inventions by humans.
  • The baked pot was strong and looked beautiful.
  • Stone Age people made all the household artefacts by themselves.

5. Name some Archaeological sites in Tamil Nadu.


  • In Tamilnadu, Athichanallur, Arikkamedu and Keeladi.

5th Social Science Guide Term 1 Lesson 2 Towards History

IV. Answer in detail:

1. How can we classify the Stone Age?


How can we classify the Stone Age?

2. Write about Chalcolithic Age and Iron Age.


  • Chalcolithic Age – At the end of new Stone Age copper was invented. In this age both stone and copper were used. This period was called Chalcolithic Age.
  • Iron Age – After Chalcolithic Age, humans discovered iron and started using iron tools and weapons. This age was called Iron Age. In this age household articles and agricultural tools were made up of iron.

InText Activity

1. What were the food eaten by early humans?


  • Flesh of animals, green leaves, roots and grains.

2. Why did early humans live in caves?


  • To Protect themselves from wild animals and weather.

3. Why did they eat raw flesh?


  • They did not know the use of fire.

5th Social Science Guide 2 Towards History  Additional Question and Answers

I. Choose the best answer:

1. Humans tamed ___________ as their pet at first.

(a) dog

(b) cow

(c) fox

(d) elephant

Answer:(a) do

2. Palaeolithic age is in _________ years ago.

(a) 10,000 BCE

(b) 8,000 BCE

(c) 100 BCE

(d) 4,000 BCE

Answer:(a) 10,000

3. Mesolithic age is known as ________ .

(a) Old stone age

(b) Middle stone age

(c) New stone age

(d) None of these

Answer:(b) Middle stone age

4. Civilisations started around ________ years ago.

(a) 200

(b) 300

(c) 400

(d) 500

Answer:(b) 30

II. Fill in the blanks.

  1. Early humans used the ________ tools to protect themselves.Answer:stone
  2. ________ stone is used for making tools and weapons.Answer: Quartzite
  3. ________ stone was used to produce fire. Ans : Flint
  4. Study of coins is called ________Answer:Numismatics
  5. ________ people used bones, horns, stones, skin, branches of trees.Answer: Neolithic age
  6. ________ was the greatest inventions by humans. Answer: Pottery
  7. The period which has written documents are called ________ period.Answer: Historical

III. Answer the following:

1. What are the uses of fire?


  1. To protect themselves from animals.
  2. To find the path at night.
  3. To protect themselves from winter.

2. What is the help of historical period document?


  • Historical period documents help us to know about the life styles of the people, events, food habits, culture, art, architecture, literature etc.,

3. What is stone wheels?


  • When the stones rolled down the mountains they acquired round shape. Humans observed them and thus wheel was invented. In the beginning it was made of stone and later by wood. This was the first scientific invention.

4. What is Numismatics?


  • study of coins is called Numismatics. All types of coins right from metals to paper help to learn about the kings, and economic conditions of that period.

5. What is inscription?


  • Scripts inscribed about a king’s rule, people or society on rocks and walls are called inscriptions, usually they are found on temple walls.

6. Classify Palaeolithic and Neolithic tools.


  • Palaeolithic tools – Tools made of Quartzite stone.

Neolithic age tools – Tools made of bones, horns, skin, branches of trees and sticks.

7. What are the sources that help us to learn history?


  • All the evidences or traces like, artifacts, pots, coins, idols, ornaments, weapons written documents etc, are valuable sources to construct history.

8. What is a museum?


  • Museum is a place where objects which are rare and used by our ancestors are preserved. These give information about the lives of people.

9. Why were paintings drawn on rocks?


  • Paintings could have been drawn or rocks to convey their lifestyles to the future generations.
  • They might have wished to record their activities through their paintings.

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