You are currently viewing 5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 1 Beyond the Universe

5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 1 Beyond the Universe

5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 1 Beyond the Universe

Tamil Nadu 5th Standard English Book Back Solution | Beyond the Universe | Lesson 1-2

5th Standard English Samacheer kalvi Guide Term 1 Lesson 1 Prose: Earth, the Desolated Home Book Back Question and Answers download pdf. 5th All Subject Book Back Question & Answers. Class 5 Prose, Poem, Supplementary Book Back Question answers. 5th English All Subject Text Book PDF.

5th English Guide Term 1 Lesson 1 Beyond the Universe


  • beyond – outside the limits or reach
  • amidst – surrounded by
  • marveling – something that causes wonder
  • resembles – to be like or similar to
  • marbles – a little ball of glass or clay, used by children to play
  • hurdling – racing over the barriers
  • further – to move ahead

Let Us Understand

A. Match the planets and its feature.

  1. Mars – blue ice gaint
  2. Saturn – rolling on its axis
  3. Jupiter – red planet
  4. Uranus – ring and moons
  5. Neptune – red storm

Ans : 1 – c, 2 – d, 3 – e, 4 – b, 5 – a


B. Answer the following questions.

1. Where is the poet flying to in the dream?

  • The poet flies beyond the Earth in his dream.

2. Which planet has rings around it?

  • Saturn has rings around it.

3. Which planet has red storm?

  • Jupiter has a red storm?

4. Why does the poet fly out of the universe?

  • The poet flies out of the universe to meet his creator.

5. Name the planets the poet flies through?

  • Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are the planets the poet flies through.


1. Where would the poet stop?

  • The poet would stop by the red planet Mars.

2. What does the poet dream?

  • The poet dreams of a having a home away from home.

3.  How does the red storm look like?

  • The red storm looks like marbles.

Let Us Know

  • As Sruthi says a collection group of cows is called as a herd of cows.
  • To indicate any group, we use

Here are some examples:


team of players

galaxy of stars

pack of dogs 


swarm of flies

band of musicians

An army of ants

A. Write the collective names.



A _____ of birds.

Ans : flock

A ____ of grapes.

Ans : lunch

B. Match the picture with the collective nouns.

More examples:










A. Pick out the abstract nouns.

1. He takes pride in his job.

Ans : pride

2. The dove is a symbol of peace.

Ans : peace

3. My grandmother is full of wisdom.

Ans : wisdom

4. Iniya is very tall for her age.

Ans : age

5. Prem felt a lot of anger.

Ans : anger


Colour the stars with the Abstract Nouns.

tiger fear fish law

pen joy friend rules

picture freedom kindness computer


Let Us Listen

Tick the Correct one after listening to the announcement.

1. The Kovai superfast express is arriving on platform no _______

  1. 2
  2. 6
  3. 4

Ans : 2

2. The train no. of the Silambu express is _______

  1. 12675
  2. 16182
  3. 12641

Ans : 16182

3. The Thirukkural superfast express is late by _______

  1. 2 hours
  2. 3 hours
  3. 1 hour

Ans : 2 hours

Let Us Speak

See how they speak at this situation and practice as if you were in that situation.

Mozhi : Hello uncle, please come in.

Uncle : How are you Mozhi?

Mozhi : I am fine uncle, please take your seat.

Uncle : Thank you. Where is your dad?

Mozhi : He is taking bath. Wai uncle, I will inform him.

Uncle : It’s okay ma. Let him come.

Mozhi : Can I get you some coffee to drink?

Uncle : Thanks ma, but I had coffee just now.

Mozhi : Then how about some buttermilk uncle.

Uncle : That would be nice.

Mozhi : Here is your buttermilk uncle.

Uncle : It is really nice, thank you ma.

Mozhi : You are welcome uncle.

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