You are currently viewing 5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 1 Earth the Desolated Home

5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 1 Earth the Desolated Home

5th English Guide Term 1 Unit 1 Earth the Desolated Home

5th Standard English Book Back Answers – Term 1 – Lesson 1 Prose: Earth, the Desolated Home

5th Standard English Samacheer kalvi Guide Term 1 Lesson 1 Prose: Earth, the Desolated Home Book Back Question and Answers download pdf. 5th All Subject Book Back Question & Answers. Class 5 Prose, Poem, Supplementary Book Back Question answers. 5th English All Subject Text Book PDF.

5th English Guide Term 1 | Lesson 1.1  Earth the Desolated Home

My Little Pictionary

Milky way (n) : the galaxy that contains our solar system.

Earth (n) : the planet on which we live.

Space shuttle (n) : a space craft designed to be used for travelling to a space station.
olar System (n) : the sun and all the planets that move around it
Universe (n) : The whole of space and everything in it, including the planets, the stars and galaxies



  • sol Martian solar Day, A Martian day
  • capsule – a small cylinder shaped bed
  • hab – habitat, human settlement
  • fuels – an energy source for engines, power plants or reactors
  • adapting – modify, readjust
  • survival – to remain alive
  • terraform – a process by which the surface and climate would be changed to make the environment suitable to humans.
  • scientists – an expert in science
  • establish – build
  • storm – hurricore
  • unpolluted – clean
  • exclaimed – cryout
  • destroy – demolish
  • surprised – amaze
  • sigh – regret
  • harvest – yield
  • fertile – fruitful
  • offer – give

Let Us Understand

A. Choose the correct option.

[astronomer, Earth, alien, astronaut, Mars]

  1. Life found on other planets is called _______________.Ans : alien
  2. Some people believe that there might be life on _____________ planet.Ans : Mars
  3. I don’t live on moon, but I live in _______________.Ans : Earth
  4. The person who travels to space is an _______________.Ans : Astronaut
  5. The scientific observer of the celestial bodies is ____________.Ans : Astronomer

B. Fill in the blanks.

  1. The man destroyed ______.Ans : the Earth
  2. In the Earth, we get water from ______.Ans : rain
  3. In Mars ______ days make a year.Ans : 687
  4. You don’t need ______ and ______ in the Earth.Ans : space suit / oxygen cylinder
  5. Fruits, vegetables and water in the Mars are not ______.Ans: not real

C. Answer the following questions.

1. What is the setting of the story?

  • Life on Mars is the setting of the story.

2. Name the vegetables harvested in the vegetation hub?

  • Carrots, Crops are harvested in the vegetarian hub.

3. What is a sol? How many sols make a year?

  • A martian day is a sol. 24 hours and 37 minutes make a sol.

4. How water is produced in Mars?

  • Water is produced in Mars by burning fuels.

5. In this story, what happened to the earth?

6. What should be done to save the earth?

  • We should stop using lots of chemical fertilizers.


1. In which year, the story was set?

  • The story was set in 2068.

2. How many sols did grandpa take to reach Mars?

  • Grandpa took three sols.

3. What is very difficult in Mars according to Arivu?

  • Survival is very difficult in Mars according to Arivu.

Let Us Build

Hi friends, we will show you a magic. When we combine these two words, we will get a new word with different meaning.

These words are called compound words.


A. Write the compound words from the picture.

Watch             Man       Watchman
Star   Fish Starfish
Rain   Bow Rainbow
Foot   Ball Football


B. Use the clues to complete the compound words.

News + Paper Newspaper
Wheel + Chair Wheelchair
Basket + Ball Basketball


C. Match the compound words.


D. Draw and write your own compound word.

Water      Tank         Watertank


E. Connect the compound words and create a new word.

cup board  cow boy
moon Light rain coat


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