8th English Book Back Answers

8th English Guide Unit 7 Cyber Safety

8th English Guide Unit 7 Cyber Safety

8th Standard English Book Back Answers Lesson 7 Cyber Safety

8th Standard English Guide Unit 7 Cyber Safety Book Back Answers Download PDF. 8th Samacheer kalvi guide. 8th All Subject Book Back Answers. Class 8 English Prose, Poem, Supplementary Book in Answers.  TN State Board New Syllabus Samacheer Kalvi 8th Std English Text Book Pdf of Text Book Back Questions and Answers Chapter Wise Important Questions, Study Material, Question Bank, Notes, and revise our understanding of the subject. 8th English All Unit Book Back Answers.

8th English Book Back Answers

8th English Guide Unit 7 Cyber Safety

Warm up

In pairs, identify the types of computer. Choose and write the names from the box.

(Tablet, Palmtop computer, Laptop, Watch computer, Personal computer, Super computer)


  • Screw guage (n) – measuring tool
  • Browse (v) – to scan , to casually look through in order to fi nd items of interest
  • Frightened (v) – scared
  • Online predator (n) – someone who sexually exploits a child over the internet
  • Bother (v) – to disturb or annoy
  • Cyber (adj) – relating to or characteristic of culture of computers, information technology and virtual reality.
  • Aggressive (adj) – prone to behave in a way that involves attacking or arguing
  • Benefi cial (adj) – helpful or good to something or someone

Read and Understand

A) Say true or false.

  1. Gladin’s mom knew how screw guage works. ( False )
  2. We use internet to gather information and gain knowledge. ( True )
  3. ani was frightened of an online predator. ( True )
  4. trangers don’t misuse your information. ( False )
  5. not give your name, address, telephone number to the strangers. ( True )
  6. oo much of anything is good. ( True )


British and American English






Mobile phone

Cell phone


trash can




D) Find the suitable British or American English word and fi ll in the following.










French fries





Spelling Differences














D) Find the suitable British or American English word and fi ll in the following.

British                                                American

Apologise                                          apologize

Judgement                                        judgement

Neighbour                                         neighbor

dreamt                                               Dreamed

aeroplace                                          Airplane

plough                                                Plow


F) Complete the following statements appropriately:

1. A mobile phone is like a world in our pockets as

  • Ans ; it can connect us to the rest of the world

2. Parents do not have to remain in tension if their sons and daughters are late because

  • Ans ; they can connect to their children at any time

3. Some of the negative eff ects of a mobile phone are:

  1. Talking or texting while driving can can cause accidents
  2. student misuse them and cause social pollution
  3. Their radiations may be dangerous to helath issues
  4. Their use certain places causes privacy problems

4. Excessive use of mobile phones can be hazardous to one’s health as

Ans ; it can cause a headache, earache, bluring vision, etc.,

5. A mobile phone is a threat to one’s privacy as

Ans ; it can be used as a hidden camera to take pictures and videos.



Simple sentence

A Simple sentence is one which has only one Subject and one Predicate.


  • His courage won him honour.
  • He must work very hard to win the fi rst prize.
  • With a great eff ort he lifted the box.
  • Hearing their father’s footsteps, the boys ran away.
  • The man, being very hungry, ate too much.

Compound sentence

A Compound sentence is one made up of two or more Principal or Main Clauses.


  • The moon was bright and we could see our way.
  • Night came on and rain fell heavily and we all got very wet.
  • I shall do it now or I shall not do it at all.
  • He threw the stone but it missed the dog.
  • I both thanked him and rewarded him.
  • You must hurry, or you will miss the train.
  • Give me the book and I will read it.
  • I ran all the way to the station but I missed the train.

Complex Sentence

A Complex sentence consists of one Main Clause and one or more Subordinate Clauses.


  • They rested when evening came.
  • If he is at home, I shall see him.
  • I have found the book that I had lost.
  • We selected this bicycle after we had tried several times.
  • Once upon a time a man owned a hen which laid every day a golden egg.
  • The evil that men do lives after them.

A) State which of the following sentences are Compound, and which are Complex.

  1. Man proposes, but God disposes. ( Compound )
  2. I went because I was invited. ( Complex )
  3. Jancy returned home because she was tired. ( Complex )
  4. Whatever you do, do well. ( Complex )
  5. Listen carefully and take notes. ( Compound )
  6. I called him, but he gave me no answer. ( Compound )
  7. The town in which I live is very large. ( Complex )
  8. They always talk who never think. ( Complex )
  9. We must eat to live, but we should not live to eat. ( Compound )
  10. Govern your passions or they will govern you. ( Compound )


B) Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the verbs given in the brackets.

  1. When the burglars broke into the house, everybody _________ sound sleep, (have)

Ans ; was having a

  1. The milk ____ over as she went to see the crowd passing by with loud slogans, (spill)

Ans ; was soutting

  1. If Karthik _________ any mistake, he will be rewarded, (not + make) Ans ; did not make
  2. They were watching TV when they _________ a loud bang at the door, (hear) Ans ; heard
  3. The bus _________ the stop before we could catch it. (leave) Ans ; left
  4. Ashok _______ the same song for last three days. It has become boring now. (play)

Ans ; had been playing

  1. Manju _______ after we reach home, (call)Ans ; called
  2. The show _______ its one thousand episodes by next month, (complete)

Ans ; will have been completed

  1. Don’t worry, we will be _______ the airport in time. (reach). Ans ; reaching
  2. Danial has _______ sick after eating some snacks at the street side shop, (fall)Ans ; fallen

C) Tick the correct option to complete the sentences.

1. The climate of the city _________ mild and pleasant most of the time.

  1. is remaining
  2. remains
  3. was remaining
  4. is remained

Ans ; remains

2. One day he _________ into a hotel in Ooty, a beautiful city in Tamilnadu.

  1. booking
  2. was booking
  3. booked
  4. had booked

Ans ; booked

3. You will certainly _________ rewards for what you are doing.

  1. getting
  2. had got
  3. was getting
  4. be getting

Ans ; be getting

4. Do you _________ the day we moved the piano upstairs?

  1. remember
  2. remembered
  3. are remembering
  4. had remembered

Ans ; remember

5. The rain completely _________ our day.

  1. spoilt
  2. is spoiling
  3. is spoilt
  4. was spoilt

Ans ; spoilt

6. Akbar _________ the king at the age of fifteen after the sudden death of his father.

  1. was becoming
  2. had become
  3. became
  4. become

Ans ; became

7. The criminal _________ the place before the police could reach.

  1. was escaping
  2. had escaped
  3. is escaping
  4. will escape

Ans ; had escaped

8. They _________ all the arrangements before the guest is arrival.

  1. will have made
  2. will be made
  3. had been making
  4. were making

Ans ; will have made

9. Sabithra _________ her job by tomorrow evening.

  1. will be completing
  2. will complete
  3. will have completed
  4. will have been completing

Ans ; will have been completing

10. Harshini _________ her mother in making rangoli in the yard for last one hour.

  1. is helping
  2. has helped
  3. has been helping
  4. helps

Ans ; has been helping

D) Identify the errors in the sentences given below and rewrite them.

1. These grapes are tasting sour.

These grapes are taste sour.

2. I am thinking you are wrong.

I think you are wrong.

3. She is seeming sad.

She seems sad.

4. He is having a cellular phone.

He has a cellular phone.

5. She watched TV when her husband came.

She was watching TV when her husband came.

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