You are currently viewing 9th English Unit 3 Supplementary Earthquake Book Back Answers

9th English Unit 3 Supplementary Earthquake Book Back Answers

9th English Unit 3 Supplementary Earthquake Book Back Answers

9th Standard English Earthquake Solution

9th Standard English Lesson 3 Unit 3 Supplementary Earthquake Book Back Answers and Additional Questions and Answers Download pdf. 9th English Samacheer Kalvi Guide Book in Answers. 9th Standard All Subject Guide Tamil Medium and English Medium. 9th English Important Questions. Class 1 to 12th All Subject Guide.

9th English Lesson Book Back Answers Guide


  • rickety (adj.) : structure or piece of equipment poorly made and likely to collapse
  • tremor (n) : a slight earthquake
  • devastation (n) : the state of being decayed or destroyed
  • haphazardly (adv.) : in a random manner
  • debris (n) : scattered pieces of rubbish or remains
  • whiteshrouded (v) : wrap or dress (a body) in a shroud for burial
  • pyres (n) : a heap of burnable material, for burning a corpse as part of a funeral ceremony

A. Fill in the blanks with words from the text.

1. The name of the narrator is _______

Ans : Brij

2. There were _______ villages in the valley.

Ans : six hundred and seventy

3. Brij went to Pauri to buy his _______

Ans : school books

4. The soldiers had set up a _______

Ans : makeshift camp

5. Bhuli had been buried under the debris for _______ hours

Ans : a hundred and sixteen

B. Based on your understanding of the story, choose the right answers from the options.

1. Brij started a tea shop because he wanted to

  1. start a company.
  2. serve the people.
  3. go on a pilgrimage.
  4. become a tour guide.

Ans : serve the people.

2. Molthi was completely devastated because of _______

  1. a high intensity earthquake.
  2. thunder and hail storm.
  3. drought and famine.
  4. flash floods.

Ans : a high intensity earthquake.

3. The brother searched everywhere and looked dejected because

  1. he couldn’t find his house.
  2. he couldn’t locate his sister.
  3. he was hungry and didn’t eat for a few days.
  4. he lost his school books.

Ans : he couldn’t locate his sister.

4. The boy had great reverence and respect for Army offi cers as they

  1. were brave and courageous.
  2. worked day and night
  3. saved his sister from death.
  4. all the above.

Ans : all the above.

5. Brij finally offered the traveller a

  1. cup of milk
  2. cup of tea
  3. glass of water
  4. cup of coffee

Ans : cup of tea


B. Answer the following questions based on the reading of the story. Do not forget to go back to the passage whenever necessary to fi nd and confirm the answers.

Action Effect
While you warm yourself I will prepare the best tea.
I saved enough money I started this shop
The earth quaked Six hundred and two villages were destroyed.
It was a terrible earth quake and it was felt as far away as Delhi and Lucknow
I ran back to the village There was still so much debris
They lifted the door She is alive
I went to thank the Army Officer But he was gone


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