12th Revision Test Model Question Paper 2021- 2022

12th BIOLOGY Revision Test Model Question Paper 2021-22

12th BIOLOGY Revision Test Model Question Paper 2021-22

(November and December Month Syllabus)

12th Biology Revision Test Model Question Paper 2021-22. TN 12th Standard Revision Test Model Question papers download PDF. 12th Samacheer kalvi Guide. 12th All Subject Unit Test All-District Question papers. 12th Bio-Botany, Bio-Zoology Model Question Papers. 12th Revision Test Syllabus.

12th All Subject Revision Test Model Question Paper 2021-22.

12th BIOLOGY Revision Test Model Question Paper 2021-22

  • Time :03.00 hrs + 15 Minutes
  • Maximum Marks:70

Part – I (Bio-Botany)  [ Marks:35 ]

Section – I

Note :
(i) Answer all the Questions
(ii) Choose the most suitable answer and write the code with corresponding answer

1. First cell of male gametophyte in angiosperm is
a) Microspore
b) megaspore
c) Nucleus
d) Primary Endosperm nucleus

2. Size of pollen grain in Myosotis
a) 10 micrometer
b) 20 micrometer
c) 200 micrometer
d) 2000 micrometer

3. Majority of plants pollen is liberated at
a) 1 celled stage
b) 2 celled stage
c) 3 celled stage
d) 4 celled stage

4. In his classic experiments on Pea plants, Mendel did not use
a) Flowering position
b) Seed colour
c) Pod length
d) Seed shape

5. Select the period for Mendel”s hybridization experiments
a) 1856 – 1863
b) 1850 – 870
c) 1857 – 1869
d) 1870 – 1877

6. An allohexaploidy contains
a) Six different genomes
b) Six copies of three different genomes
c) Two copies of three different genomes
d) Six copies of one genome

7. Assertion (A) : Gamma ra s are generally use to induce mutation in wheat varieties.
Reason (R) : Because they carry lower energy to non-ionize electrons from atom
a) A is correct..R is correct explanation of A
b) A is correct. R is not correct explanation of A
c) A is correct. R i s wrong explanation of A
d) A and R i s wrong

8. Due to incomplete linkage in maize, the ratio of parental and recombinants are
a) 50:50
b) 7:1:1:7
c) 96.4: 3.6
d) 1:7:7:1

Section – 2

Answer Any four of the Following    4 x 2 = 8

9. What is the difference between missense and non sense mutation?

10. What is gene mapping?

11.Define : Genetics.

12. What is incomplete dominance ?

13. What is reproduction?

14. Define the term Diplospory.

Section – 3

Answer Any Three of the Following  3 x 3 = 9

15. List out the functions of tapetum.

16. Differentiate the structure of Dicot and Monocot seed.

17. Differentiate incomplete dominance and co-dominance.

18. Draw the diagram of different types of aneuploidy.

19. Mention the name of man-made cereal. How it is formed?

Section – 4

Answer All of the Following  2-x 5 = 10

20. A) Explain the mechanism of crossing over.


B) Explain the law of dominance in monohybrid cross.

21. A) With a suitable diagram explain the structure of an ovule.


B) What is endosperm? Explain the types.


Part – I (Bio-Zoology)  [ Marks :35 ]

Section – I (15 x 1 = 15)0

Note :

(i) Answer all the Questions
(ii) Choose the most suitable answer and write the code with the corresponding answer

1. In which type of parthenogenesis are only males produced?
a) Arrhenotoky
b) Thelytoky
c) Amphitoky
d) Both a and b

2. In which mode of reproduction variations are seen
a) Asexual
b) Parthenogenesis
c) Sexual
d) Both a and b

3. The mode of reproduction in bacteria is by
a) Formation of gametes
b) Endospore formation
c) Conjugation
d) Zoospore formation

4. The male homologue of the female clitoris is
a. Scrotum
b. Penis
c. Urethra

5. The site of embryo implantation is the
a. Uterus
b. Peritoneal cavity
c. Vagina
d. Fallopian tube

6. The Androgen Binding Protein (ABP) is produced by
a. Leydig cells
b. Hypothalamus
c. Sertoli cells
d. Pituitary gland

7. Co-dominant blood group is
a) A
b) AB
c) B
d) 0

8. Pataus’ syndrome is also referred to as
a) 13-Trisomy
b) 18-Trisomy
c) 21-Trisomy
d) None of these

Section – 2.

Answer Any four of the Following            4x 2 = 8

9. Name an organism where cell division is itself a mode of reproduction.
10. Zygote is not formed during the conjugation of paramecia, but we call it sexual reproduction why?
11. Expand the acronyms:
i) FSH
ii) LH
12. Draw a labeled sketch of a spermatozoan.
13. Differentiate foeticide and infanticide.
14. What is haplodiploidy?

Section – 3

Answer any Three of the Following         3 x 3 = 9

15. What is male heterogamety?
16. Which method do you suggest the couple to have a baby, if the male partner fails to inseminate the female or due to very low sperm count in the ejaculate?
17. What is the difference between syngamy and fertilization?
18. Mention the importance of the position of the testes in humans.

Section – 4

Answer all of the Following            2 x 5 = 10

20. A) i) Which type of reproduction is effective Asexual or Sexual and why?.
ii) Mention the differences between spermiogenesis and spermatogenesis.


B) i) Describe the structure o the human ovum with a neat labeled diagram.

21. A) What are the strategies to be implemented in India to attain total reproductive


B) How is sex determined in human beings?


12th BIOLOGY (Bio-Zoology) Model Question Paper 2021-22

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