12th Chemistry 1 Marks Organic nitrogen compounds:

12thChemistry Important 1 Marks Electro Chemistry

12thChemistry Important 1 Marks Electro Chemistry

One Mark Study Material Unit wise as per reduced syllabus (2021-22)

TN 12thChemistry Important 1 Marks Electro Chemistry. 12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter 9. +2 Chemistry Important 2 Marks,  3 Marks, 5 Marks Questions Based on reduced Syllabus 2021-2022. 12th Free Online Test (MCQs). HSC 12th Chemistry Revision Test Important Questions. 12th Tamil Full Guide.

12thChemistry Important 1 Marks Electro Chemistry

HSC 12th Chemistry Important One Marks Chapter 9

Electro Chemistry :

  • 1. Electrolytic cell is it converts electrical energy into chemical energy.
  • 2. Faraday’s first law of electrolysis formula is m 𝜶 Q
  • 3. Faraday’s Second law of electrolysis mAg/ZAg = mZn/ZZn = mcu/ZCu
  • 4. (1/𝜌) is called as Specific conductance
  • 5. The ratio (l/A) is called as Cell constant
  • 6. The no.of. electrons that have a total charge of 9650 coulomb is 6.022 x 1022
  • 7. The molar conductivity of a 0.5 mol dm-3 solution of AgNO3 with electrolytic conductivity of 5.76 x 10-3S cm-1 at 298K is 11.52 S cm2 mol-1
  • 8. Faradays constant defined as Charge carried by one mole of electrons
  • 9. How many faradays of electricity are required for the following reaction to occur MnO4 →Mn2+ is 5F
  • 10. During electrolysis of molten sodium chloride, the time required to produce 0.1 mole
    of chlorine gas using a cu7rrent of 3A is 107.32 minutes.
  • 11. The no.of. electrons delivered at the cathode during electrolysis by a current of 1A in 60 seconds is 3.75 x 1020
  • 12. 0.002N electrolytic solution has the least specific conductance.
  • 13. Zinc can be coated on iron to produce galvanized iron but the reverse is not possible. It is because Zinc has higher negative electrode potential than iron.
  • 14. A gas X at 1 atm is bubble through a solution containing a mixture of 1MY & MZ at 250c if the reduction potential is Z > Y > X, then Y will oxidize X and not Z
  • 15. A certain current liberated 0.504 gm of hydrogen in 2 hours. How many grams of copper can be liberated by the same current flowing for the same time in a copper sulphate solution is 15.8
  • 16. The equivalent conductance of M/36 solution of a weak monobasic acid is 6 mho cm2 equivalent-1 and at infinite dilution is 400 mho cm2 equivalent-1. The dissociation constant of the acid is 6.25 x 10-6
  • 17. Conductivity of a saturated solution of a sparingly soluble salt AB(1:1 electrolyte) at 298K is 1.85 x 10-5S m-1. Solubility product of the salt AB at 1.74 x 10-12
  • 18. While charging lead storage battery is PbSO4 on anode is reduced to Pb
  • 19. Degree of dissociation formula is o/ ꓥo
  • 20.A small piece of Zinc dissolved in dilute nitric acid but hydrogen gas is not evolved (Assertion) HNO3 is an oxidizing agent and this oxidizes hydrogen (Reason) Ans.Both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.
  • 21. A solution of silver nitrate is electrolyzed for 30 minutes with a current of 2 amperes. Calculate the mass of silver deposited at the cathode. 4.03g
  • 22. Arrange the following solutions in the decreasing order of specific conductance. 0.01M KCl,0.005M Kcl, 0.1 m Kcl, 0.25 M Kcl & 0.5 M Kcl. Ans. Correct order is 0.5M Kcl > 0.25 MKcl > 0.1 MKcl > o.o1 M Kcl > 0.005M Kcl.
  • 23. Debye – Huckel onsager equation is ꓥm = ꓥmo – ( A + Bꓥmo)√C
  • 24. Nernst equation is Ecell = Eocell – 2.303RT/nF log [C]l [D]m/ [A]x [B]y
  • 25. Equivalent conductance is represented by the symbol is
  • 26. Molar conductance is represented by the symbol is ꓥm
  • 27. The Galvanic cell is represented by a cell diagaram,it is represented by Zn(s)|Zn2+ ||
    Cu2+ (aq) Cu(s)
  • 28. Daniel cell represented by Zn(s)| Zn2+ || Cu2+(aq)|Cu(s)
  • 29. Galvanic cell notation is represented by Cr(s)| Cr3+(aq) || Cu2+(aq)|Cu(s)
  • 30. The standard reduction potential (Eo) is a measure of the Oxidizing tendency of the species.
  • 31. Greater Eo value greater is the tendency shown by the species to accept electrons & undergo Reduction.
  • 32. If the Eo value is lesser is the tendency to undergo Corrosion.
  • 33. Specific conductance of an electrolyte can be calculated from the resistance value using the following expression is k = 1/R (l/A)
  • 34. Kohlrausch deduced the following empirical relationship between the molar conductance and the concentration of electrolyte ism = ꓥm – k√C
  • 35. Kcl, Na2SO4 it acts as agar-agar gel mixed with inert electrolyte.


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